The most fresh makeup is the most sought after in summer

In the summer, in the bright colors, let's step into the new season of beauty Eden. Here are the most elegant, pure and tempting makeup , and the most nourishing, softest and fastest skin care products. Which makes you feel at ease!

The most gentle pink punk

The most fresh makeup

Lancome pink four-color eyeshadow (limited edition) 495 yuan

Pink Punk, full of feminine and wild French style, this is Lancome's most IN interpretation of modern women and the new season spring! The shiny and bright Biha black is stacked on the eyeliner. The three rose powders are layered and smudged from deep to shallow, which can bring a soft and strong pink smoke.

The most tempting lip forbidden fruit

The most fresh makeup

Guerlain kisses lip gloss 250 yuan

When you kiss the lip gloss and put on the spring clothes, when it plays the dangerous temptation of the forbidden fruit... What a passion! Taboo orange, temptation cherry, desire apple, each one is like the sweet nectar from the Garden of Eden, embellished between the lips, let this water shine to seduce him to make a beautiful mistake!

The most elegant Dai Dai luxury

The most fresh makeup

Dior 迷情戴妃包(Limited Collector's Edition) 850 yuan

Follow the tradition and cross-border spirit of Dior! The classic handbag filled with Dior's imprint contains light lip gloss and bright powder. With your fingers, you can easily embellish your lips and cheeks, and you will be able to show the unique facial and elegant halo of the Parisian girl.

The purest spring day mirage

Shu uemuar limited hand-painted eyeliner new products are not priced

Violet, belongs to the romantic dream of spring, belongs to the purity and weakness of women. Let a purple eyeliner with some metallic light evoke the eyes. After painting the eye shadow of the layered smudge, create a clear eye contour. If you draw a little thicker and stretch at the end of the eye, you can not look at the eye shadow and pursue the purest spring feeling.

Featuring a simple, clean-lined silhouette and wood construction, this understated sideboard lends a midcentury modern touch to your dining room or parlour ensemble. Top it with stacked art books and contemporary statuettes to complete the mod look, or leave it bare for trays of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres when dinner guests arrive.

Easy to keep clean
Scratch proof
Shock proof
Resistant to friction

 Heat and cooling resistant

Wooden Sideboard

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