alert! Don't fall into the makeup trap

The wrong makeup method will make your image worse and worse, especially on a hot summer day. Don't think that the thicker the makeup, the better. Come and see the following makeup traps compiled and summarized. Did you fall into it?

Trap one: I like to apply heavy makeup to my eyebrows, and think that thick eyebrows will look more spiritual.

Many girls have the habit of making heavy makeup in the winter, especially the makeup of the eyes. In order to make yourself more spiritual, the eyebrows are thick and thick, and the upper and lower eye lines are also deepened and bold.

Aftereffects: In fact, this is often counterproductive, and it seems to be fierce and evil, but it does not achieve the effect of "more spiritual". The correct way is to keep your eyebrows as natural as possible and fit your personality; in order to make your eyes look more radiant, you can properly "process" the upper eyeliner.

Trap 2: To save trouble, use a color lipstick

Makeup trap

A lot of crushes don't like lipstick in winter, but only use one color lipstick. I feel that it is convenient to carry and save things. Of course, the most important thing is not to start.

Aftereffects: Lips are easy to “stunned” in winter! And in winter, you generally wear dark clothes, which will look dull, so you need to use your brains in the color of lipstick: prepare a few lipsticks. To make it compatible with the clothing, the surrounding environment, and pay attention to the use, will bring unexpected surprises.

Trap 3: Focus the rouge on the cheeks and make yourself shy and touching.

In order to make the skin tone healthier, rouge is naturally indispensable. Focusing the rouge on the cheeks will allow others to quickly notice the appearance of their shyness.

Aftereffects: Concentrating the rouge on the cheeks will over-expose the cheekbones, giving the life a hard stereotype. If you use a blush brush to gently circle from the humerus to the temple, it will be very natural after blooming.

Trap 4: To make your eyes more attractive, use mascara for both upper and lower eyelashes.

Makeup trap

Although the weather is colder, but also to make yourself full of energy! Beautiful big eyes always convey their inner passion, so every time you make up, you will not forget to apply mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes.

Aftereffects: Apply mascara to the lower eyelashes and accidentally make yourself a "panda eye"! In fact, as long as the mascara or mascara is properly applied to the upper eyelashes, it will have a good effect.

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