Shine your makeup as you like

Sometimes, makeup doesn't have to be in accordance with the rules and regulations. If you don't have a fixed frame that binds you, it may work better. Just try the color you like.

Shining your makeup

Bright eye

Main colors: sky blue, mint green, gold, orange

1. Directly choose eye shadow powder or cream with glitter particles. However, the mature woman should try to avoid the choice of powdery eyeshadow, so as to avoid the dry texture and affect the makeup effect. The creamy eyeshadow is more prominent, the solid color is fast, and the shining effect is relatively better.

2. Spring bright eye shadow color is quite a test of makeup skills, if your technology is flat, or choose a safe gold as well, this color is suitable for everyone.

3. Choose a transparent bright lip gloss, a few times on the finished eye makeup, shiny and moisturizing makeup effect, but the eye makeup must be done with eye shadow, otherwise the color on the eyelids is easy to agglomerate.

4. Another way to "double" the eyes is to use the flashing eyeliner to draw the lower eyeliner.

Shining your makeup

Bright lip trick

Main colors: pink, orange, beach color

1. Bright lip gloss is an essential prop for creating a "water toot" lips. A woman with insufficient lips can apply two more bright lip glosses to create a "dudu" effect, and even "out of the side" is not bad.

2. When the lips are too plump to create moist lips, the edge is not clear is the biggest problem, it is the key to draw the lip shape with the lip liner. You can use the lip liner to smudge the color onto the lips, which will not only last a long time but also avoid the shackles of the lip line.

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