Nightclub Queen makeup wild temptation

With the advent of summer, many working families have chosen to go to the nightclubs to relax after work, because summer nights are best for releasing wild passion, but how can we make ourselves the focus of the whole audience? There is a lot of learning in this. Teach you to paint super temptation nightclub queen makeup !

Sweet charm

Nightclub queen makeup

Many people think that going to PUB is to make a heavy makeup, so it is sexy, but it is not. A proper sweet makeup can make you become the focus of everyone.

Create the key: no big eyes

The most unrecognizable eyes of boys are “no blinks”! Therefore, if you want to win the sweet MM in the nightclub, you can't use the innocent big eye makeup.

Step1: Use gray and purple eye shadows in the eyelids. Pay attention to sweeping the entire eyelid and stretch as long as possible at the end of the eye.

Step2: The upper and lower eyeliners are decorated with different tools. Use eyeliner on the upper eyeliner and eyeliner on the lower eyeliner to achieve deeper eyes. Then use the eye shadow to smudge the upper and lower eyeliner, pay attention to the end of the eye to be elongated, and to fill the eye socket.

Step3: Use the bright eye pearl eyeliner to brighten the eye.

Step4: Paste the false eyelashes. Note that the length of the false eyelashes should be exaggerated, and the paste should be close to the end of the eye. Finally, apply mascara. The flawless big eye makeup is completed.

Exquisite sexy

Nightclub queen makeup

In the nightclub, the sexy MM is like a poppies full of charm, attracting everyone's eyes. Therefore, drawing a sexy makeup will definitely make you a protagonist in the nightclub PK.

Create the key: flame red lips

Playing in the nightclub, sexy is absolutely high-profile, but the makeup must insist on elegant and exquisite, the delicate and clean foundation is very important, think about it, a clean and delicate face with a sexy Unparalleled beauty lips!

Step1: If your lip is not perfect, first use lip liner to process your lips, hide the lip lines and outline the delicate lips.

Step2: Choose a burgundy lipstick that is deeper than the lip color of your lips. Apply evenly with a Lip Brush.

Step3: Apply lip gloss to the appropriate redness, and the red lips with charm will be completed.

Wild temptation

Nightclub queen makeup

PUB is the world of carnival. Therefore, the wild MM is like the flame of bloom in the crowd, shaking everyone's heart all the time. Therefore, if you want to be the queen of PUB, the wild makeup can also be tried.

Create the key: misty smoky makeup

Step1: Use golden eyeshadow to make a base in the whole eye socket, then smudge the pearly green in the center of the eye socket (above the eyeball), use black in the end of the eye, and finally use the skin color to brighten the eye bone.

Step2: First plant a cross-shaped false eyelash in the eye, and then plant a second layer at the end of the eye. The secret is closer to the root of your eyelashes, and the more natural it is when you apply mascara.

Step3: Use black eyeliner and eyeliner to draw a thick line of eyeliner on the inner line of the eyeliner and upper and lower eyelashes to create a three-dimensional look for the eye makeup.

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