Hot stamping, embossing and mounting

The surface of the electric heating plate should be cleaned before loading, and some marks should be marked on the hot stamping and embossing zinc plate, and a piece of cloth slightly larger than the zinc plate coated with opalescent glue (or leather glue) should be pressed in the determined zinc plate. The platen position and printing method are affixed on a hot plate, and then the zinc plate is pasted on the top plate of the electric heating plate, put some hard paper on the bottom platen to compress the pressure, and the power is turned on and heated to 80-90°C. About 15 minutes, the zinc plate is firmly attached to the hot plate. After the zinc plate is firmly affixed, paste a 100 g or more coated paper on the base plate with transparent adhesive tape, and use a carbon paper to press the seal sample. This is a rule, and the cut is slightly larger than the image of the sample. Two to three grams of white paper, after the adhesion of its solid and smooth, and then paste it to the place where the sample position, and remove the imprinted paper. After 250 g of whiteboard paper is stuck on the bottom platen, the top whiteboard paper is wetted with a wet towel, and the bottom platen is pressed with pressure until the surface of the whiteboard paper is imprinted with marks of various levels. It should be noted that the white paper pad must be prevented from being oversized, or the pressure must be increased to increase the pressure, so that the surface of the surface does not have to be hot stamped and embossed, which is higher than the hot stamping, embossing, and embossing. It has also been hot iron, affecting the appearance and quality of the picture.

Gold foil, pressure bump temperature control

The bronzing and embossing are completed at one time, so the bronzing temperature is higher than the bronzing temperature alone, and the temperature is generally controlled at about 150°C.

Hot stamping, pressure bump adjustment

When starting the bronzing and embossing operations, it is necessary to re-check the adjustment pressure. The layout requires that the layout is uniform from top to bottom. When viewed from the back of the embossed paper, as long as it has a clear and concave gradation, it can be turned on and pressed normally. Because the foil stamping and embossing plate is secondary corrosion, the recessed surface is relatively uneven during the etching. When the stamping is performed, a layer of elastic film such as a plastic film may be properly covered according to the situation, so as to make up for the unevenness and cause the hot stamping to not occur. The drawbacks of electrification of aluminum.

Practice has proved that hot stamping, embossing and concave-convex synthesis is a one-time completion process with satisfactory results, and it is easy to operate, improve work efficiency, reduce labor, reduce consumption, and increase efficiency.

The film has excellent heat sealing performance and excellent transparency, is one of the main packaging composite base materials, used in the production of high-temperature boiling film, vacuum aluminum coating film, the market is very optimistic.Moreover, with the development of domestic production equipment, some of the technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.As a result, the threshold to enter the film production is lower and lower.Because of this, some enterprises rush to import the flow of film production line in order to reach the designated position, the higher the level, the better, while leaving the market demand and the return on investment aside, which will cause huge waste of resources.

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