Pre-Valentine Maintenance Raiders intensive care to reverse the skin!

Good skin is of course inseparable from daily basic maintenance. However, MM is not good enough for normal skin care. Intensive care can also save your skin in the fire. Intensive care can maximize the effectiveness of skin care products, giving the skin deep and concentrated nourishment, so that the skin condition is greatly improved.

Using the "film" method to change the appearance of the skin

Using the "film" method to change the appearance of the skin

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Using the "film" method to change the appearance of the skin

Almost all beauty experts have advised that the skin care before makeup is “moisturizing”, the skin moisturizing is easier to apply powder, holding makeup, and it is easier to combine makeup with the skin itself to make the makeup look more natural. In order to achieve a more perfect moisturizing effect, it is recommended to start a series of intensive treatments a week ago to keep the skin hydrated. Of course, you must exfoliate before intensive maintenance, so that the skin can better absorb the next intensive nutrition. However, people with dry skin are not suitable for excessive exfoliation in winter, only to clean it a week before the date. .

The mask is an ancient skin care product. In the primitive period, people used mud and rain or river water to apply to the face and body parts, which became the prototype of the mask. Nowadays, the mask becomes an important secret of skin care and moisturizes the skin. The most important method of type maintenance. Because the mask acts as a closed and intensive treatment for the skin, it can absorb the nutrients in the closed state, thus achieving a good skin care effect. Therefore, the first measure of intensive care is to apply a mask, which can be applied once a day. In a week, the effect will be better. It should be noted that exfoliating and Other deep cleansing masks should not be used every day.

For the skin, collagen is very important. When the skin is filled with neat, dense fresh collagen, it will be firm, moist and elastic. However, with the increase of age, the slowing of metabolism, the accumulation of ultraviolet light damage, the aging collagen is increasing, and the synthesis ability of fresh collagen is decreased. Therefore, the messy and multi-void aging collagen is accumulated more and more. The skin becomes slack and inelastic. There are many collagen products on the market, and the collagen mask is the best product that can absorb the skin. The collagen mask is slightly different from other masks when used. Usually, the mask should not be used for too long to ensure normal breathing of the pores of the skin. However, the application time of the collagen mask needs to be long, and it can be used as a mask for overnight application. The collagen capsule with the highest purity is a film type, which needs to be moistened with collagen extract and then becomes a gel type substance, which can make the skin slow. Slow absorption, at least 40 minutes or more.

Multivitamins, nutrition for the skin

Multivitamins give the skin nutrition

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Multivitamins give the skin nutrition

For urban women, the skin tends to be severely tired, and the skin appears dry, dull, sallow, and acne on the main lymphatic vessels. At the same time, the winter is cold and dry, and the night is short. Lazy and no spirit, skin cells are the same, sleepy and lack of vitality, so the second step of intensive maintenance of preparation for dating is to give the skin a full range of nutritional supplements, accelerate the reproduction of skin vitality.

Vitamin A: Repair cells

Vitamin A protects the epidermal layer of the skin and maintains its function in a normal state. At the same time, vitamin A helps keep the skin soft and plump, improving the skin's water-locking function. Usually, the supplement of vitamin A is more effective for the skin.

Vitamin B family: the source of skin health

Vitamin B family is a large family, and its main members include vitamin B3, B6, B5, B12 and so on. In general, their presence helps restore skin keratin, keeps skin moist, helps reduce dry skin and external environment (such as detergents and soaps), stimulates skin, relieves wrinkles, reduces pigmentation, and improves dullness. color. Vitamin B can be used both orally and externally.

Vitamin C: Whitening Wrinkle

Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that helps reduce free radical damage to the skin, helps reduce wrinkles and improves skin structure. In addition, the whitening effect of vitamin C is also affirmed. Experiments have shown that the addition of vitamin C to skin cell culture can greatly increase the synthesis of collagen and correct the dull and aging skin. Taking vitamin C and applying skin care products containing pure vitamin C and its derivatives, it has whitening and anti-oxidation effects. Studies have shown that high concentrations of vitamin C can promote collagen proliferation, repair UV damage to the skin, reduce and dilute melanin.

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