Plastic gravure compound carton process

When a single-faced corrugated production line is used, if a glossy film needs to be applied after the printing of the facing paper and the production volume is large, the printing may not be performed on the surface paper, but the gravure printing may be performed on the plastic film by a gravure printing method. It is painted on white, and the printed plastic film is first compounded with the face paper, and then the box is formed according to the conventional carton forming process.
The characteristics of this process:
1 Low cost of carton production When the production volume is large, this process can greatly reduce the printing cost of the tissue paper and the material cost of the tissue paper. Because the noodle paper does not need to be printed, non-coated white paper can be used, so that the cost of the noodle paper is greatly reduced.
2 Printed beautifully Because it uses a plastic gravure, the printing effect can be comparable to offset printing. It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that in the process of plate making, it is necessary to fully consider the dimensional change and deformation of the plastic film. Otherwise, the carton face paper will be misaligned with the lower cardboard.

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