Midland integration thoughtful: smoke-free kitchen

[Reporter] Hello, Mr. Zhou, what is the theme of our participation in the exhibition?

[The United States and the United States integrated stove Zhoudao] Our theme is "Mei Da dust collector smokeless kitchen", because our traditional hood stoves always solve the kitchen fumes is not complete, so we use this product The patented technology of the first change, the rear isolation and the suction and discharge are completely exhausted from the kitchen fumes.

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[Reporter] What kind of preferential activities will the exhibition bring to consumers?

[Mei Da integrated stove Zhoudao] The preferential activities we brought this time are relatively large, equal to all the models we launched, as long as they are ordered on site, they will be 20% off. Then now we have a lot of gifts, and now we can draw lots and cash.

Midea integrated environmental protection stove distributor Zhou Dao

[Reporter] Let's go to the exhibition today to see where you think consumers are more interested in which type of product to serve.

[Medical integrated stove Zhoudao] The first focus on the brand, fancy brand. The second is to pay more attention to the environmental protection, energy saving and safety of this product.

[Reporter] What kind of expected results do you hope to achieve at this exhibition?

[Mei Da integrated stove Zhoudao] We hope that through this exhibition, let more consumers let them know about the US-based integrated stove, and also tell everyone to choose products that can completely eliminate kitchen fumes when we choose products, because we All know that the decoration focuses on the kitchen, and the kitchen focuses on exhausting smoke.

[Reporter] What trends do you think consumers have in their purchases of furniture and building materials in recent years?

[Mei Da integrated stove Zhoudao] In fact, the purchase now is more rational and mature for the past few years. Why do you say this, because when you buy it, you have a self-knowledge growth for fake or poorly-productive products.

[Reporter] The two sessions have just ended the regulation of the property market and once again stressed that rigid demand still exists. What development trend do you think this year has on the furniture and building materials market?

In fact, we have been in a rising trend in recent years. In this market, commercial housing will be affected by a little bit. In the past two years, policy rooms, including corporate units, are still in large numbers. It should be said that It won't be greatly affected, and it's still very good now.

[Reporter] As you said, influenced by the upstream policy, the downstream influence is still relatively large. Many companies are adjusting this channel. What new adjustments will we make in our current channels?

[The United States and the United States integrated stove Zhoudao] Our channel is generally focused on traditional channels, such as the building materials market's own specialty stores, this year we will increase the network channels. It is to let more people know about our products through the network.

[Reporter] What scale does our channel layout reach now?

[Mei Da integrated stove Zhoudao] We have now reached nearly 20 stores in Beijing's specialty stores, all in the home, Red Star Macalline, Lan Jingli home.

[Reporter] What do you think are the main business of this year's furniture and building materials market?

[Mei Da integrated stove Zhoudao] We should be three big blocks, one is the main body sales in the building materials market; then the community group purchase, is the community buy in the unit room, because this is our strength every year, because many units People, one person is optimistic, a group of people buy; then there is that we open online sales this year, this will also be our main sales channel.

[Reporter] We will introduce some new ideas and services to our new brands every year. What do you think the furniture and building materials market needs to adjust now?

[The United States and the United States integrated stove Zhoudao] In fact, this year's 315 home actually put the price of the price, which is very good for consumers. Because a lot of prices will have a virtual high, we will also cooperate with this development trend, with the changes in the actual home and the overall market, we will have a price cut.

[Reporter] I saw that we are expanding the sales policy of this first-class goods in the market. Can you talk to everyone?

[America's integrated stove is thoughtful] The first item is mainly in a sense to get a better offer, why? Because the price changes in these years have been particularly fast, sometimes including personnel costs, logistics costs, and material costs. The price of a product often changes twice a year. Now some consumers can pay directly if they pay the money first. If we go up, we should still get more discounts for them.

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