Living Master Liu Shuozhen: The Ground Art of Traveling the World

In order to enhance the society's emphasis on ground creativity and design, promote the development of ground art, let more people know and participate in the development of ground art, and provide consumers with more exciting ground products. Take the theme of “The World of Ground Art” and launch a vivid ground art journey around the world.

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At the scene, the leaders of China Forest Products Industry Association and the leaders of China Interior Decoration Association discussed the future development trend of floor art in depth, and expressed that they would strongly support the long-term steady development of “the ground art of living in the world”.

[Reporter] First of all, what is the main purpose of your ground art activities in the world? The second question is because the living family has always emphasized the world element in the product, made in China, can you tell us about the ground material of art, and what kind of art design direction will it develop in the future?

[Liu Shuozhen] Most of the floor materials belong to carpets, tiles, and wooden floors. Compared to the first two, it is quite large. This piece of wood flooring is already a restricted product for environmental protection. With more and more people and more and more families, how to make the people have more choices. This is the ground art of living in this world. Activity is a very important purpose. I hope that the works of many design masters will be brought to people's homes. This is the expectation.

Second, the floor materials must meet the requirements of environmental protection. What the family wants to do is to have more play and performance under the environmental protection materials, so that the people can have more choices. I think this is the original intention of our activities. Today in the capital Beijing, next month to Milan, Italy, will go to New York, we will travel in the world from one space to another, to convey our brand ideas to each partner, our partners are the world before The top 500 companies are willing to work with their homes. I want to be able to do some pre-design creation on behalf of the industry brand.

[Reporter] What are the advantages of living products compared to other flooring industries?

[Liu Shuozhen] If the living family is doing these products, I think our only advantage in the industry is that we have a better learning spirit. Our company's projects are closer to the actual level. Unlike ordinary wood flooring, which is made in the industry, life requires that one-third of all products should be designed works, and two-thirds belong to commodities. We think that the flooring industry can rarely make it fashionable, and the combination of our goals and directions is how to make the ground more fashionable.

[Reporter] We feel that living families have become more and more fashionable recently, more and more art, and even more and more international. I would like to ask you to introduce some ideas on the development of the living room floor in international development.

[Liu Shuozhen] I think the whole earth is a global village. With the development of the Internet, the message of the whole era is passing faster and faster, so I think that our internationalization is not about what we are going to do, but because of us. What to do actually. So just mentioned, including how we work with the institute, how to develop national product requirements, develop newer products, and cooperate with world-wide companies. This time I went to the Milan Design Exhibition, we are a team of nearly thirty people, even the commercials we filmed, many of the things we expressed, we hope to be local, localized, original, and do something. Local, regional, and distinctive. The development of future products of living families is inseparable from the development of human culture in various places. I think that culture is a very important part of living, and multiculturalism is of great help to the diversified development of living.

The choice of floor materials is mainly three blocks, tiles, wood and flooring, wood is natural and natural, and the texture brought by natural colors, as well as the fragrance, there is also a point that is not very clear, the wood material is The only sustainable use of materials is regenerative, low-carbon, carbon-storing materials, trees that are light during growth and that absorb carbon dioxide to release oxygen. On the other hand, if the carbon is not used in the wood, it will burn off. Therefore, wood is the best low-carbon material. Carbon storage materials should be stored with more materials. The longer the storage time is. The more the better, the wood can be promoted and used. Wood is natural, with our cultural creativity, green grafting, it can also be fashionable or art, this is the individual needs. This personalized demand for consumption can be produced through new art and new manufacturing processes.

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