Xi'an children's furniture to play "environmental protection" brand one meter wide small bed asking price seven or eight thousand

Xi'an Evening News (Reporter Song Jie intern Wang Ting) A children's bed 7800 yuan, a children's wardrobe 5000 yuan, now, as long as children's furniture hit the "environmental" card, the price will skyrocket. Before the Children's Day, the environmental protection of children's furniture was a red light. Are they environmentally friendly? The reporter was informed that on August 1 this year, China's first national children's furniture mandatory standard " General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture " will be introduced soon. Set rules for children's furniture.

Market children's furniture is playing "environmental card"

According to the survey, about 40% of households in China have their own homes and furniture, but in the first half of last year alone, there were more than 20 children's furniture manufacturers exposed by the quality supervision department. For example, the pass rate of children's wooden cabinets in Guangdong Province is only 59.5%, and the measured value of soluble lead in one brand product is over 40 times.

Yesterday, after visiting the market, the reporter found that children's furniture all play environmental protection cards, there are hundreds of special products, and there are also raw materials imported from northern Europe and Brazil. The reporter saw that in order to gain the trust and attention of consumers, the merchants also put out various environmental certifications, so that consumers can see it.

In a furniture store near Hansenzhai, the price of a children's bed is more than two or three thousand yuan. The salesperson said, “Our children's furniture is environmentally friendly and has an environmental certificate.” But when the reporter asked to check, the merchant Can't get it.

In another furniture store, a one-meter-wide double-bed cot, known as the Danish imported pine as the base material, the assembly parts use German imported hardware, called the price of seven or eight thousand. When I heard the reporter asked about environmental protection, the salesman quickly took out four environmental certificates, GS German safety certification mark, SGS Swiss universal certification mark and so on. In the end, which is the most authoritative, the salesperson just called "more than one certification body."

On the shopping website, children's environmentally-friendly furniture that claims to use “environmentally friendly non-toxic matt paint”, “high-quality formaldehyde-free”, “through EU CE certification, and international SGS testing” is everywhere.

The new standard is for children's furniture

Is it environmentally friendly for children's environmentally friendly furniture? It is understood that the children's furniture industry in the current market has not had independent quality standards, and the toxic and harmful limit values ​​are all based on adult furniture standards. To this end, on August 1 this year, the newly formulated "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" standard will be formally implemented.

In the country's first national mandatory standards for children's furniture, in addition to detailed provisions on the sharp corners, protruding parts, holes, gap size and stability of children's furniture, but also for formaldehyde, soluble heavy metals, etc. The control of toxic and hazardous substances is strictly restricted, so the quality of children's furniture will be more standardized.

Xi'an Consumers Association reminds consumers that if the content of toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene in children's furniture exceeds the standard, it will pollute the indoor air and cause children to suffer from respiratory diseases such as bronchitis. Therefore, when purchasing children's furniture, it is best not to buy brightly colored furniture. The brighter the color, the more lead the paint contains. At the same time, the furniture with less adhesive is used, and the formaldehyde content is relatively low.

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