Merchants want to repurchase mahogany furniture after 4 years

Redwood furniture bought home for a few years, and can be sold back to the merchants. The "interest" is still much higher than that of the deposit bank. Recently, a furniture manufacturer in Shanghai has launched a "new way of managing money" to invest in mahogany. According to industry insiders, the continued rise in the price of redwood is the main reason for the “sufficiency” of the business. The relevant person in charge of the Furniture Office of the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee pointed out that the current realization of mahogany furniture is not easy, and it is the bottleneck of the current investment in the mahogany market. If individual investors participate in it, it is recommended to choose a manufacturer with credibility and strength, sign a standard contract, and write down the promise of repurchase.

Citizen: Worried that the promise is not honored

“Full payment for four years, 45% increase in repurchase”... At the door of a furniture store near Huaihai Zhong Road and Changshu Road, the large-scale advertisements are eye-catching. It turns out that the furniture manufacturer promised to buy a house mahogany furniture with a price of 198,000 yuan, which will be a price increase of 45% on the basis of the transaction price. Make a repurchase. The store manager Mr. Zhu said: "This set of mahogany furniture, the normal price in the market will be 300,000-400,000 yuan, we almost hit the fold." He said that the repurchase activity began less than two weeks, has sold more than 10 sets .

The reporter interviewed a number of citizens and customers who went to the proofing room and found that most people were skeptical about the business commitment. Miss Li, who is buying furniture for the new house, said: "In the past few years, beauty shops and private bosses have gone through a lot of things. The four years are too long, and I feel that my heart is not practical." Mr. Yuan believes that even if the purchase period is full, It is hard to say that if the merchant refuses to buy back because of the damage caused by rubbing or scraping at home.

Most people are full of doubts about the fare increase repurchase: "Since this furniture has great potential for appreciation, why do businesses not 'eat in' themselves, but to make it profitable?"

Merchant: Can sign a contract can be notarized

In the face of many doubts, Mr. Zhang, the person in charge of the furniture manufacturer, said that his company has been operating in Shanghai and other places for more than 20 years, and they will sign a formal purchase contract with each purchase customer, stating that “the full payment is over four years, and the fare increase 45% repurchase and other key terms, "even customers can get a notarization, if there is damage, only the normal repair fee will be charged according to the market price, and will not affect the repurchase."

Mr. Zhang said that the launch of the fare repurchase is mainly to speed up the withdrawal of funds and boost the popularity. The domestic furniture market has been under financial crisis and the property market has been continuously suppressed. The situation is not optimistic. "We are not small in factories and factories around the world, and we have huge expenses every day. We need to turn the wood piled up in the warehouse into living money." .

Speaking of the repurchase after 4 years, Mr. Zhang said that from 2007 to now, some of the foreign timbers of Dalbergia chinensis have been “cut from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain”, and the logs are also from “3 meters long and the tree diameter is more than 25 centimeters. , cut to the current 1 meter long, the tree diameter is less than 20 cm." His judgment is that after 3-5 years, the Dalbergia chinensis is likely to have no woodcut, and the price of raw materials will double again. "Buy back at a premium of 45%, it is definitely a profit."

Industry: Merchants betting redwood rose

A senior person in the rosewood industry said that due to the scarcity of redwood resources, the average annual growth rate of raw materials has reached or exceeded 15% in recent years, and the price will generally double in 3-5 years. “Ordinary furniture will continue to depreciate and not preserve value, but mahogany can be used for investment.”

The person said that if the redwood home is expected to have a large appreciation space, one must choose high-end materials, such as Sian rosewood, red sandalwood, huanghuali, etc.; second, to buy well-designed, art-grade mahogany furniture, as the saying goes, "three-piece seven According to the material, if the material is the same, the added value of the mahogany furniture will be higher.

Regarding the practice of fare repurchase, the person analyzed that the current 5-year annual interest rate of bank time deposits is only 5.5%, and according to the profit of 45% of the above-mentioned four-year repurchase premium, if the merchant promises to be honored, the year of the furniture The average rate of return will be as high as 11%, far exceeding the bank deposit rate. Even if the furniture is measured at an annual increase of 15%, the business still has a profit. And Sian rosewood is only produced in Laos, Cambodia and other places. It takes decades to hundreds of years to grow the usable wood. With the large-scale felling in recent years, it will soon be extremely scarce. It is based on this that the merchants have the right price increase repurchase.

Consumer Protection Committee: the details must be written into the contract

The relevant person in charge of the Furniture Office of the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee said that the rosewood has appreciated rapidly in recent years, but personal consumption and investors still need to be cautious. On the one hand, some merchants have also played the concept of “original price repurchase” and “selling by the pound” of mahogany furniture, but these concepts are mostly gimmicks, and most of them are verbal commitments, which are ultimately difficult to honor; on the other hand, individual investors Mahogany furniture still lacks channels for liquidation. At present, only a small amount of mahogany furniture that reaches art and antique grades can be sold through auctions, etc. Some mahogany furniture even if it is known to be appreciated, it is difficult to find buyers.

If you decide to purchase and participate in the investment in mahogany furniture, you must pay attention to the following matters: First, the domestic furniture market is fiercely competitive, be sure to look for strong and reputable brand manufacturers; second, you must sign the "Shanghai Furniture Sales Contract" with the merchant, and The time, conditions and price calculation method of the repurchase in the contract, as well as how to deal with the damaged furniture, how to confirm the repurchased furniture are the detailed terms of the goods and styles sold by the merchant at that time, and effectively protect their rights and interests.

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