Oil control 7 big tricks no longer make natural oil

According to the dermatologist's experimental report, for every 1 degree increase in temperature, oil secretion increases by 10%. The weather is getting hotter, it is easy to shine, and the acne is so thick, so controlling oil in summer is a very difficult problem. So how do you control oil in the summer? The following small series recommend several summer oil control methods for everyone.

Correct and moderate face wash

The first trick: correct and moderate face wash

Washing your face is the most direct way to remove the already secreted oil from your face and reduce the surface temperature of your skin. The correct method of washing your face also includes the number of face washes and the way you wash your face.

Many people can't help but wash their faces all the time in the summer, hoping that the more they wash, the less oil they can. In fact, if you wash your face too much, the skin is a bit dry and a little peeling. After washing your face, the skin temperature will rise, and the oil will immediately counterattack. This is why some people wash more oil. Therefore, it is advisable to wash your face two or three times a day. The most suitable wash water temperature in summer is of course cold water. Washing products can strengthen the oil, but the strength should be moderate.

Reduce the temperature of the skin surface

The second measure: reduce the temperature of the skin surface

This is the most commonly used method in the current beauty care industry, including lotions, oil control gels or oil-control gels, or mint, aloe vera, chamomile and other ingredients. Because these things can lower the temperature of the skin surface, so that the skin oil can be reduced secretion, which is called the "sedation" function of the skin care industry. However, its shortcoming is: if the first factor is not matched, the time to lower the skin temperature can not be maintained for a long time. It is conceivable that the sebaceous glands of the skin will soon release oil again.

Absorbing grease from the skin surface

The third measure: the oil on the skin surface

Remove as much grease as possible from the surface of the skin, such as alcohol, aluminum care products, oil-absorbing facial tissue, oil-absorbing powder, etc., or skin care products that promote oil slip. However, these methods only move or remove the oil that has leaked out, so the effect is not lasting.

Try to stay in a cool environment

4th trick: try to stay in a cool environment

This method, which looks a bit like nonsense, is definitely an important premise. As the temperature of the skin rises by one degree, the amount of sebum secreted increases by 10%. If you strictly follow the following seven methods, but do not provide a cool and refreshing environment for your skin, even if you try hard to implement various oil control coups, I am afraid that there will be an ineffective end.

Food intake

The fifth measure: food intake

According to research, proper vitamin B6 supplementation can reduce sebum secretion. Therefore, taking more fruits rich in B6, such as bananas or fish, on weekdays can reduce the secretion of some sebum.

Medical grade care products or medicines

The sixth measure: medical grade care products or drugs

A higher concentration of fruit acid, salicylic acid or A acid medical care products or external medicines can effectively inhibit oil production, and also has a good preventive effect on acne acne. However, the disadvantage is that such ointments often take a long time to be used to see the effect. For young people who are “respective of oil and hatred”, they may sometimes be a bit slow, so it is recommended to consider combining the above methods in order to obtain both short-term and Long-term efficacy.

Oral A acid

7th stroke: oral A acid

This method is the most effective, can immediately improve by 80%, and is the only way to change the oily skin to dry skin during the medication. However, after a few months of stopping the drug, the original oil will be restored, so if you just want to control the oil, it is generally not recommended.

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