Ms. Li from Hohhot: Jin Rui furniture sweepstakes made me happy

On June 21, Ms. Li, a reader of Hohhot City, told this newspaper: “On June 16th, my husband and I bought a bed at Jinrui Furniture Zhongshan Road, which coincided with the lucky draw of the store on that day. We are very happy. I filled out the lottery ticket and participated in the lucky draw. The staff said that the result of the award will be announced at 19:00 on the same day. If the prize is won, a refrigerator can be obtained. On the evening of the same day, the staff clearly remembered the name of my husband when the winners were announced. When we received the award, the other party said that our ticket was wrong, so we didn't give us the product. When the ticket was filled, the guide bought us the instructions. How can we blame us for the wrong shopping mall? Shopping is unhappy, it’s really depressed."

On the same day, Ms. Li said to the reporter: "On that day, we bought a bed at a furniture store on the third floor of the Jinxi Furniture Zhongshan Road store. After buying the bed, the guide told us that the mall is engaged in a lottery, and the amount of the bed we bought. Qualified to participate in the sweepstakes. After the payment, the guide bought me a lottery ticket divided into a coupon and a coupon. I filled in my husband’s name, contact information and other information and stuffed the coupon. Draw box. At 19 o'clock on the same day, the staff of the mall read my husband's name when they announced the list of winners. We were particularly excited and went to the podium to receive the prize. However, the staff did not give us the prize after they took office. It is wrong to say that our lottery ticket is wrong. The lottery ticket we filled in is used by the mall to participate in another sweepstakes for the shopping guide, so we can't give us the prize. We think that since the lottery ticket is the guide, we gave the wrong one. We fill in the lottery ticket and fill it out under the guidance of the guide. Then, the responsibility of the wrong lottery ticket cannot completely blame us. Moreover, the mall does not have Zhang at the event.

On the same day, the reporter came to Jinrui Furniture Zhongshan Road Store. Ms. Gao, the shopping guide of the furniture store where Ms. Li bought the bed on the third floor, said to the reporter: “The mistake of the lottery ticket was really related to me. I gave the mall to our shopping guide. The raffle ticket was wrongly given to Ms. Li, which was used for another raffle.” Later, the reporter went to the office of Jinrui Furniture Zhongshan Road, and the manager responsible for the store took out two lottery tickets and told reporters: “ This is the lottery ticket for the two different lucky draws on the day of the event. One is for the shopping mall to be sent to the shopping guide. The shopping guide is used to participate in the cash prize, which is marked on the lottery ticket; and another lottery ticket. It is for customers, customers can use to participate in the activities of extracting refrigerators, and the coupons are also marked. Ms. Li and her husband are mistakenly throwing the lucky draw tickets of the shopping guides into the lucky draw box. On the day of the event, the customers who participated in the lucky draw have A lot, only Ms. Li and her husband voted for the lottery tickets. We think that they did not know the details of the lottery in detail, so they could not be awarded.” The reporter saw that two lottery coupons were not included. However, the lottery ticket to the shopping guide is marked with two small characters of "shopping guide" on the lottery ticket, and the lottery ticket given to the customer is marked with the content of the refrigerator prize. In addition, the terms of filling in the lottery information on the back of the lottery ticket are slightly different. Subsequently, the reporter asked Manager Li about the event that there was no activity on the scene of Ms. Li’s activities. Manager Li said that the sweepstakes had ended and the details of the activities posted on the day had been thrown away.

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