How to make a newspaper headline

The design of the newspaper layout must have a certain sense of beauty on the basis of meeting the theoretical requirements. However, do our typists know how different the position of the title is in the overall layout? How to arrange the titles to make the layout more beautiful and elegant?

First, the role of the title on the layout

The title is the eyes of the layout and is a very important language. After the layout design, the effect of the title on the layout is at least in the following aspects.

1. Highlights

A newspaper usually arranges 10-20 manuscripts, but which one is more important is often expressed by the title. The titles of important manuscripts must occupy many columns, large font sizes, and many lines. Many readers are accustomed to browsing the title first, and then selectively reading an article. It is precisely because the title has such a characteristic as to give the reader a "first impression", so it is determined that the title has the important role of marking on the layout.

2. Change layout

The newspaper is published every day, but two identical layout styles cannot be found. In addition to the content and length of the article, the change of the title is an important reason. Even if it is the same set of manuscripts, the layout of the title can be changed by the horizontal and vertical changes of the title, the position of the inscription, and even the number of columns occupied by the title, the font used, and the font size.

Second, the change of title

The headings are divided into main marks, index marks (also known as eyebrow marks, shoulder marks) and sub-marks. Through different arrangements and combinations, the appearance of the title can be described as ever-changing. Although the format of the title varies, in general, it can be divided into the following categories.

1. Changes in size

According to the weight of the article, appropriately change the number of columns occupied by the title of each article. The combination of large, medium and small not only shows what the layout should highlight, not to highlight, but also makes the title scattered and beautiful.

2. Horizontal and vertical changes

Chinese characters can be horizontal or vertical. Corresponding newspaper headings should be arranged horizontally if they are mainly horizontal, so that the layout of newspaper headlines can be staggered and have a strong sense of rhythm. At the same time, it can also avoid some technical problems, such as bumping, stacking and matching questions.

3. Changes in font and size

For a title that has both a main standard and an auxiliary standard (including eyebrows and sub-standards), the font size of the main standard must be the largest. At the same time, the font size and font of the main standard and the auxiliary standard should also be changed in order to enable The layout is dazzling and colorful.
The words used in the title can be summarized by the following points.

(1) Brow mark font: The eyebrow mark should be clear and beautiful, with Song Kai imitation mostly used.
(2) Main typeface: Politics and economy are mostly Song Hei, and literature and art are mostly regular script.
(3) The subscript font can refer to the following two points:
â‘  Except for Lishu, Weibei, Changhei, Xingshu, various fonts are available.
â‘¡Song and imitation are the deputy standard of communication and special articles.

Third, the beautification of the title

The eye is the window of the soul, and the headline serves as the eye of the layout. Its beautification also occupies a very important position in the layout design of the newspaper.

The beautification of the title can be summarized as follows.

1. Picture

Based on the content of the article, the American editor designs the title map composed of the title and various patterns. The title picture itself is a work of art, and the title picture with both pictures and text will attract and infect the reader. The title map sometimes adopts the method that the title is pressed on the photo. In particular, the use of photos showing grand scenes as the background of the title will have a strong shock effect. Long reportage, newsletters, close-ups, and essays are suitable for the title map.

2. Shading

Shading the title can also beautify. It can be made into Yin or Yang characters according to the shade of shading. Lead printing needs to be made into a zinc plate, which can only be made into two kinds of negative characters with deep shading and black characters with light shading. If the laser phototypesetting is adopted, it can be made into yin characters, yang characters, hooked characters, yin and yang characters, three-dimensional characters, pattern characters, etc. on the shading, with many variations. In addition to beautifying the title, shading of the title can often cause visual strength on the layout (especially in the case of darker shading). Therefore, when beautifying the title with shading, one should pay attention to whether the title should really stand out. The second is to consider the balance on the page. It is impossible to pile up shading headings one by one, which is too heavy visually, while the other one does not have shading headings, which are flirty and make the whole layout unbalanced.

3. Beautify with lines or lace

Enclose the entire title with lines or lace; when there are few titles, frame each word with lines or lace; enclose a line frame around the shading, etc.

4. Calligraphy

For some communications with few words and many columns, the title can be beautified by handwriting calligraphy. This method makes the title more bookish. If it is a running script or a cursive script, it can also add a sense of fluidity.

5. Register

Coloring the title can beautify it even more. Due to limited conditions, lead printing can only be set in red. Offset printing can realize color printing. With various colors, the title is naturally colorful.

6. Other artistic treatments

You can make full use of the functions of the computer software to make the headline characters into hollow characters, shading characters, reverse white characters, and can also be rotated, tilted, or broken, rippled and other effects.

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