Brief introduction of electronically controlled translation stage

The electronically controlled translation table usually includes: screw (or screw), guide rail, bottom surface, table top, motor, coupling and other components; the main factors affecting the mechanical performance of the electric translation table are: screw, guide rail, body material, processing quality And assembly process, etc.

Brief introduction of electronically controlled translation stage

The main function of the lead screw is to convert the rotational motion of the motor into a linear motion. The electronically controlled translation stage of Zhuoli Hanguang mostly uses ball screw or grinding screw. The rolling friction between the ball screw and the nut is formed by the steel ball, the movement is smooth, the transmission efficiency is high, it is easy to achieve high-speed operation, and the diameter of the steel ball can be changed or the double nut can be used to effectively solve the axial gap

The selection of the guide rail is a decisive factor for the smoothness of movement and the size of the load of the electronically controlled translation stage. At present, the guide rails used by manufacturers of electronically controlled translation tables mainly include: dovetail guide rails, cross roller guide rails, linear slider guide rails and linear bearing guide rails. Zhuoli Hanguang's electric shift table uses a variety of guide rails, but the precision electronically controlled translation table mainly uses linear slide or cross roller guide rails.

The accuracy and anti-environmental imaging capability of the electronically controlled translation stage are most affected by the material and processing quality of the body.

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