The development trend of label printing industry: digital, intelligent, environmental protection

As a subdivided industry in the printing industry, the label printing industry's rapid development has also attracted considerable attention from the printing industry. In recent years, the turbulence of the macroeconomic environment at home and abroad has brought severe challenges to the development of the printing industry, and the sales and profits of some companies have fallen sharply. However, China's label printing industry has been less affected by the economic turmoil in recent years. This is mainly due to the growth of China's domestic consumer demand, so that the scale of the label industry has been growing rapidly.

What is the secret to the rapid growth of the label printing industry in the future? If you think about it carefully, it is not difficult to find that this secret can be summarized in ten words: digital, intelligence, process, green, and safety. The overall can be summarized into three aspects: digital, intelligence and environmental protection.

A simple ten words can stipulate the development of the label industry? Readers can't help but wonder. If we look for reasons from these companies in the label industry, I believe this doubt will be solved soon.

Let's take a look at what the domestic and foreign companies in the label field are doing.

One of the secrets: numbers

In terms of digitization, Founder Electronics, Epson, Leopard Digital, and Kodak are well-known leading companies. The following examples are based on Founder Electronics in China and Epson in foreign countries.

Founder Electronics

Founder Jieying L1400 color UV inkjet label digital printing machine is the first color inkjet label digital printing equipment with independent intellectual property rights in China. L1400 uses the most advanced high-precision industrial-grade on-demand piezoelectric nozzle, equipped with 8-level gray Degree, can carry out 7 × 24 hours of stable and uninterrupted production. Founder Jieying L1400 can print five colors, with a maximum printing width of 140mm, a maximum printing speed of 48m / min, and a maximum printing resolution of 720dpi. It can be used for short-term wine labels, daily chemical labels, food labels, etc. It is used for printing in the fields of personalization, anti-counterfeit labels and electronic labels. Jieying L1400 also uses green UV ink, non-toxic, non-polluting, with a wide range of media adaptability, no coating, one-time curing, high-quality imaging.

Founder Jieying color label digital inkjet printing system fully realizes modular design. Each printing unit is highly integrated and can be easily installed on various web, sheet-fed printing presses and numerous post-press processing equipment. There are digital upgrades of traditional printing equipment to meet customers' new demands for massive variable data processing and printing, short-plate color label printing, etc., to quickly form market capacity and seize opportunities.


Epson launched SurePress L-4033A digital label printing machine in drupa2012. This is a general-purpose narrow web digital label printing machine. It makes label production faster and cheaper. It meets the short delivery time, small batch and Multi-version business requirements, and comply with environmental protection requirements in the field of label printing.

Use EpsonSurepressL-4033A for label printing production, without traditional plate making, no threshold for printing, low cost, short cycle time. This digital printing device uses Epson's exclusive patented SurePressAQ water-based pigment ink and micro piezoelectric print head technology, which has the advantages of rich and colorful colors, clear images, flexible, durable, easy maintenance, environmental protection, and high efficiency. SurePressAQ water-based pigment ink has an extremely wide color gamut and brilliant colors, as well as strong adhesion and scratch resistance, which can adapt to a variety of label media. The micro piezoelectric print head is a symbol of high quality, stability and durability. It can eject precise ink dots, perfectly display fine patterns such as small text and various barcodes, eliminate graininess, present more accurate color reproduction, and comprehensively improve the printing quality of labels.

Secret two: intelligence

In terms of intelligence, the products of Sun Machinery, U.S. United, Swiss Jetlas and Shenzhen Botai are quite interesting. In the following, we will take Shanghai Sun and abroad as examples.

Sun Machinery

Shanghai Sun Machinery Co., Ltd. is an investment enterprise of Japanese Sun Machinery in Shanghai. It mainly produces a series of products featuring commercial form rotary printing machines, label printing machines and packaging printing machines.

At the 2012 China International Labeling Technology Exhibition, Shanghai Sun Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited its self-developed TLC-250-12C printing press. The product and exquisite samples of IJP label inkjet printer jointly developed with Kodak China Co., Ltd. and China Institute of Printing Science and Technology will be displayed on site.

As the entry-level model of TLC-250 model, this model can realize the production of transparent label products through the composite printing of letterpress and flexo.


The Gallus Group is one of the world's leading providers of label printing equipment solutions. The group was founded in 1923 and is headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland. It has approximately 590 employees worldwide, and R & D and production centers are established in St. Gallen and Germany Langgöns and Weiden. In addition, it has subsidiaries in the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, China, Australia, Singapore, India and other countries. The production area of ​​the Jielas Group involves narrow-format rotary label printing machines and medium-wide folding carton packaging printing machines. In addition to printing presses, the Gallus Group also provides printing consumables, a global service network, a spare parts supply network, and printing and process consulting services.

At present, the company mainly promotes two devices: one is the ECS340 high-performance label printing machine; the other is the RCS series combined label printing machine.

The ECS340 high-performance label printer has more than 100 installations worldwide, and its main features include: the shortest roll paper path, which can reduce up to 30% of waste; based on the servo drive concept design, with job preset function, printing The types of objects are more flexible; the anilox roller and plate cylinder sleeve technology ensure short operation setting and replacement time.

RCS series combined label printing machines have more than 120 installations worldwide, which can freely combine or independently use UV offset printing, UV flexo printing, rotary screen printing, hot stamping, cold stamping, embossing and other processes. Post-processing can be equipped with glazing or film coating process.

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