Standards for dustproof test equipment

With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, the application fields of electrical and electronic products are becoming wider and wider, and the environmental conditions they are experiencing are becoming more and more complex and diverse. Only by reasonably specifying the environmental conditions of the product and choosing the environmental protection measures of the product correctly can the product be protected from damage during storage and transportation, and be safe and reliable during use. Therefore, it is essential for electrical and electronic products to conduct artificial simulated environmental tests to ensure their high quality. The artificial simulated environmental test is a scientific summary of the actual environmental impact, and has the characteristics of typicalization, standardization, convenient use, and easy comparison. The diversification of environmental conditions and the importance of environmental testing also put forward stricter requirements for environmental testing equipment. Dust test equipment according to national standard GBT 2423.37-2006 test La2: constant pressure sand dust test method GB 4208-2008 enclosure protection level (IP code) GBT 4942.1-2001 rotating electrical machine enclosure protection level GB 11564-2008 motor vehicle retroreflector GB7000 .1-2002IEC60598-11999General safety requirements and tests of lamps In line with national standards. This series of dustproof test equipment is used to test the sealing performance of the shell of the product, and is mainly used for the IP5X and IP6X tests specified in the shell protection level standard.


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