Biofuel tree emissions increase ozone concentration

According to the physicist organization network recently, researchers at the Lancaster Environmental Center in the United States found that the organic compound isoprene released by trees as a source of biofuels mixed with other pollutants in the air will increase the air near the plantation The increase in ozone concentration may cause death by inhaling ozone, and may also reduce crop yields. Related papers were published in the latest issue of "Nature · Climate Change".

When the ozone concentration is less than 1ppm (1ppm = one millionth) in the range of 25km to 45km from the surface of the earth, it can absorb 99% of the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight, which has a protective effect on life on the earth and is harmless to the human body ; If the concentration is higher than 100ppm, it will cause breathing disorder and headache. Nitrogen dioxide emitted from automobiles, chemical plants, and power plants absorbs sunlight and is converted into nitric oxide and active oxygen atoms, which then react with oxygen to form ozone. This ozone in the troposphere can cause breathing difficulties, weakened lung function and damaged lung tissue. In addition, ozone will also interact with hydrocarbons emitted by cars to generate photochemical poisonous mist, stimulating our respiratory system. Therefore, whether ozone is an enemy or a friend depends on which part of the atmosphere it is in.

In order to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide produced by fossil fuels into the atmosphere, governments and civil society have turned to using biofuels as an alternative energy source. Europe has planted fast-growing tree species such as eucalyptus, willow and poplar. The researchers found that trees planted as biofuel sources near residential areas in the UK released high concentrations of the chemical isoprene. Previous studies have shown that isoprene produces ozone when it is mixed with other pollutants (such as nitrogen oxides). The new study suggests that this approach will increase the amount of ozone in the air. According to the EU's 2020 tree planting goal, it may cause 1,400 deaths in Europe each year, plus $ 710 million in additional medical expenses and crop losses.

Plans to use these trees as a source of biofuel generally involve planting near urban areas to avoid transportation costs. Researchers believe that such large-scale planting will lead to lung disease in people living nearby, and serious death; and if these trees are planted in large numbers in rural areas, food crops will be adversely affected, resulting in their output. Reduce and increase costs.

The research team emphasized that the current annual death of 22,000 people in Europe is blamed on the high ozone concentration in the troposphere of the atmosphere, so in this sense, ozone is condemned. This study considered not only the carbon budget for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through biofuels, but also quantified the increase in the release rate of isoprene caused by planting biofuel trees in Europe, and evaluated the ground ozone concentration. Change and its impact and impact on human mortality. (China Science and Technology Net)

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