The most practical lazy sofa to accompany you in a comfortable "house" life in winter

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Material: plush, expanded polystyrene particles

Specifications: 330cm-380cm

Source: Tmall Mall

Reference price: 368 yuan

The urban life is fast-paced and stressful. After a day of work, home is the best "safe haven". When you return to your comfort zone, you can be happier than lying on the sofa and lying as you like. Lazy sofa is undoubtedly the best choice.

Seeing this lazy sofa, the long fluff looks very warm. It is a very random shape. The corner of the top is raindrop-shaped, and this corner is inserted deep into the sofa, and it becomes a small nest. It is very cute. And it can be changed according to the changes of the human body, will not collapse, and is not easy to deform.

The fabric adopts milky white long fur velvet, soft and delicate hand feel, light and thin texture, skin-friendly and breathable. With a little graceful temperament, there is another languid taste, people can sit back and relax completely. However, long fluff is easier to knot, and there will be slight hair loss when combing, so you need to be careful when cleaning.

The bottom of the sofa has a zipper opening, the fleece jacket is removable and washable, it is not easy to deform, does not fade, does not damage the fabric, and is more durable. The liner is filled with 2-3mm 100% snowflake particles. The lazy sofa can change the softness of the sitting with the number of particles Hard comfort level and change appearance shape.

Editor's comment: The shape of this lazy sofa is cute and casual, and can be modified as you like. The plush material gives a stylish and warm feeling visually. It is also soft and comfortable in touch. In addition, the lazy shape of the lazy sofa itself eases the noble and inaccessible temperament of plush.

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Mall price: 399 yuan / piece

Market price: 899 yuan / piece

Has been sold: 236

Product Evaluation: ★★★★★

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Recommended products: Wuxiangbao American Garden Lazy Sofa

Material: Polyester

Specifications: 105 * 55 * 20cm

Source: Taobao

Reference price: 320 yuan

On a sunny morning, holding a book and holding a coffee, enjoy this leisurely lifestyle. But this is casual, if there is no comfortable lazy sofa, will it make people feel unhappy enough? The lazy sofa has a novel shape and a comfortable touch. As long as you sit on it, it will give you a warm hug.

The foldable lazy sofa with small floral pattern, delicate and high-quality fabric, gives a warm texture. The fine shading gives the texture a natural appearance. Classic tatami shape, lovely and generous. With the fresh rural style, it gives people a natural and comfortable feeling, and it is bright in the living room.

This lazy sofa has 5 levels of height adjustment function, which can be easily adjusted to the most comfortable angle of the human body, adding color to our lives. The internal structure of the sofa is supported by a steel tube skeleton, which is soft outside and rigid inside, comfortable and high quality.

The back of the sofa is made of high-quality Oxford cloth, which is wear-resistant and stain-resistant. The side has a zipper opening for easy disassembly and cleaning. The ultra-thick sponge has a single block of 10cm, and is a double-layer seat design, full and full.

Editor's comment: This idyllic lazy sofa breaks the single function of the traditional sofa and integrates folding, convenience, beauty and comfort. The clean and generous design and easy-folding shape make the sofa more prominent. Five gear height adjustments are convenient for personalized use. The internal high-elastic sponge ensures that it will not collapse after sitting for a long time.

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Shien cloth lazy sofa folding sofa single leisure sofa

Mall price: 220 yuan / set

Market price: 390 yuan / set

Has been sold: 160 sets

Product Evaluation: ★★★★★

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Recommended products: MUSTEX polyester lazy sofa

Material: Polyester, expanded polystyrene particles

Specifications: 1400 * 1800mm

Reference price: 658 yuan

The biggest feature of this lazy sofa is that it is a "big bag" filled with materials. Generally, its shape is more casual. As long as you sit and lie down, it will give you a "warm hug" . The shape of this Kuba sofa is relatively boxy, but there is also an appearance of the British flag. Such a special appearance can really add some personality with a simple sofa.

The colorful appearance coupled with the so-called "lazy sofa" not only gives you a good mood but also a comfortable experience. The appearance of the British flag is very personal, and it can be called a lazy sofa with distinctive characteristics.

The lazy sofa has no rigid skeleton support and no fixed shape. The finished product consists of a jacket and particles. When the sofa is subjected to external forces, the same person will naturally conform to the shape of the body each time they sit down and form a different support state. The larger the volume, the larger the nest and backrest it forms will be, deeper and more comfortable.

The sofa represents a free life attitude, but convenience is also very important. The sofa has a zipper at the bottom, and the outer fabric can be removed and washed, which is very user-friendly. Lining is non-woven fabric with high air permeability, high density and wear resistance. There is a cotton liner inside. In addition, the most important thing for the sofa is to disassemble and wash it. It is convenient to open the zipper and put it in the washing machine to wash it.

Editor's comment: The lazy sofa is a place where you can enjoy relaxing moments anytime, anywhere. Although this sofa does not have a basic shape, it is suitable for being placed on a bed or a larger sofa. Rely on it to start your comfortable lazy life. In addition, the editor thinks that the appearance of the British flag is also very eye-catching.

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National free shipping 70CM lazy sofa Korean style bed removable and washable lazy bone round tatami-Baimu

Mall price: 198 yuan / set

Market price: 300 yuan / set

Has been sold: 20 sets

Product Evaluation: ★★★★

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Knowledge about lazy sofa

In the 1960s, there was a wave of innovation in the sofa design industry that originally had a unified view. Trying to break through the traditional concept, designing a soft sofa that can satisfy comfort and cater to the impetuous youth's interest in changing at that time. The designers found inspiration from the bags that dumped plastic garbage, thus creating the prototype of the lazy sofa and making young people rush in a hippie and lazy form.

The lazy sofa is also called lazy bones, soft furniture, bean bag, beanbag, in fact, it is a big bag, the jacket material can be polyester fabric, cotton cloth, suede, plush, etc., the inner cover is selected lazy sofa breathable Non-woven fabric cover with good properties, filled with high-density polyethylene particles.

The design used for lazy sofas today is very stunning. It not only has the colors and bright colors that the lazy sofa is famous for, but also has the comfort of ordinary sofas. It has a very good sitting and body touch, and there is no need to worry about sitting completely out of shape. Therefore, this type of lazy sofa is unparalleled from the appearance to the sitting feeling, and its noble temperament is very suitable for urban white-collar simple homes.

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