The main gap of drip test device

The operation mechanism of Chinese enterprises has not yet fully adapted to the requirements of market economy development. In the process of development, a group of key state-invested enterprises faced the severe situation of aging products and the loss of technical personnel. After restructuring, although they have improved in production and operation, their technological innovation capabilities are still insufficient; a number of mechanism innovations and operations Flexible private enterprises are gradually becoming a new bright spot, but the vast majority of enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises. They are small in scale, and most of them have not yet mastered advanced core technologies, have few innovations, and cannot compete with large foreign companies.

In the early period of reform and opening up, the drip test device industry was far away from foreign countries, and companies generally sought technology sources outwards. Although there have been recent changes and some companies have stood out, overall, the independent innovation technology results and applications of the companies are not very good.

High- and mid-range instrument products and systems involve a certain depth of application technology in different fields. Foreign companies have professional departments and have experienced application talents. However, China's drip test equipment companies are often unfamiliar with large-scale engineering processes and lack integration of application technology ability. Therefore, it is difficult to produce high-end products.

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