The first high-end electronic teaching platform appeared on Shenyang with ipad interactive teaching

No chalk, no dust, the blackboard in front of the teacher is a clear touch screen interface; no notebook, no pen, the most popular ipad in the hands of students, interactive learning with teachers ... A few days ago, the first high-end electronic teaching platform-based The high-end class was officially inaugurated in Feiyue College Entrance Examination School. This brand-new teaching method is officially in line with the international teaching frontier, and is committed to making teachers and students in China "teaching easily and effectively."

Ipad replaces pen and notebook

In December 2012, Feiyue College Entrance Examination Tuition School spent 10 million yuan to build an e-learning platform suitable for China's national conditions education after two years, and invited a number of international experts for practical evaluation. The praise rate and pass rate reached 100%. The teaching platform is easy to learn and operate, and it is a 360-degree learning environment with technical support.

The reporter learned that the teacher and the students used ipad for interactive teaching during the class. The picture of the teacher and the student is the same. The student ’s ipad has a lock screen function and cannot cut out the teaching picture. This function fundamentally eliminates the phenomenon of students playing games and surfing the Internet in class. In addition to studying, the school will regularly open ipad permissions to allow students to learn more knowledge on the teaching platform, and exchange learning experience and experience with other students.

One-to-one teaching model

According to reports, when taking the knowledge point test in class, the teacher will cut the screen to do the question mode. The practice questions in the question bank are divided into four grades: simple, medium, difficult, and difficult. From the teacher ’s ipad to each student ’s ipad sends exercises. Can enable students with different abilities to practice exercises that match their own, will not reduce the efficiency of knowledge absorption in this lesson, and truly realize the one-to-one teaching mode. The teacher will analyze according to the knowledge of different students 'knowledge points, instantly understand the students' mastery of this lesson, and make corresponding teaching plans for the whole class or individual students.

All the teachers in the ipad high-end class are elite teachers who have many years of experience teaching in the junior high school graduating class. They combine traditional teaching and modern electronic teaching methods. The teaching methods are flexible, the classroom atmosphere is active, and the thinking is quick. Be good at discovering and summarizing the knowledge points that students do not understand, actively interacting with students, completely eliminating the vices that students are embarrassed to ask and do not understand, and escort students to quickly improve their scores.

In addition, the school establishes an independent database for each student in the background of the system. The database will record the feedback of each course and exam of the student throughout the process, automatically sum up the actual mastery of the student of a certain knowledge point, so that the teacher can quickly master the student ’s inadequacy Make timely course adjustments.

English teacher Zhang told reporters: "I think the ipad class is an innovative, brand-new teaching model that allows students to stimulate their interest in learning in a novel, novel and unique environment."

The students are also very interested in this teaching mode. One student told reporters: "It feels very good, very novel, and the learning environment is particularly good!" Another student said: "I think this type of ipad class I like the novel style very much. For me, I like this way of learning repeatedly. For those with a weak foundation, I can listen to it several times. "

Parents can "monitor" children's learning

Unlike other cram schools, the class is equipped with a full-time class teacher who has many years of management experience and is good at communicating with students and parents. During the teaching period, the class teacher follows the whole process, is responsible for all management issues of the class, and provides psychological counseling to the students to enhance their learning motivation and determination. The classroom is equipped with a high-definition network transmission infrared camera, parents can log on to the school monitoring platform through the network at any time, and truly master the child's learning status from zero distance.

The reporter saw that the ipad high-end class is divided into two parts, the classroom and the rest area, both of which are fully enclosed. Entering the rest area of ​​the periphery must wear a unique access control card. The door of the classroom is a fingerprint lock, and only students and managers have the authority to enter. There are four 24-hour high-definition surveillance cameras all around, and there are full-time administrators and security guards to ensure the safety of students in all directions.

Expert: The advanced educational concept of private education is worth learning

Yu Yongchang, director of the Private Education Management Office of the Shenyang Education Bureau, said that the biggest contribution of private education is that it provides better experimental products for education and introduces advanced educational concepts. As the pioneer of education, private education is obliged and necessary to set an example for education in China. A good private education institution does not lie in how many students and classes it can educate the society, but in that it can provide the latest education concepts and suitable teaching methods for education.

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