Offset online cold stamping technology breakthrough bottleneck history review

Speaking of it, offset printing is not a new technology. Since its first launch at drupa2004, it has been 10 years since its inception. However, this innovative technology that has subverted the traditional hot stamping concept has been tepid in the domestic market. The root cause is the constraint of cost factors, especially the offset hot stamping cannot be achieved by the traditional blanching function. The maximum use of cold foil, this most fatal weakness restricts the application of offset hot stamping.

The past 2012 is an extraordinary year for offset online hot stamping technology. The jump problem that restricts the utilization rate of cold foil and its cost has finally been solved. At the global printing industry event drupa2012 held in May 2012, Manroland and other companies with the stepping function of the offset online hot stamping technology debut, earning the attention of the audience. The silent online hot stamping technology that has been quiet for many years has once again returned to the public's view.

At drupa2004, Manroland first demonstrated the InlineFoiler Prindor, a cold-ironing device connected to ROLAND 700, which caused great sensation in the industry. The other major offset press giants, which are unwilling to lag behind, are launching their own offset hot-pressing devices, such as FoilStar, a cold foil transfer star from Heidelberg, a ColdFoiler online ironing device from KBA, and a KOMORI online cold foil transfer machine from Komori.

Offset online hot stamping technology subverts the traditional hot stamping concept, blending cold stamping and offset printing technology, achieving the combination of high-quality high-speed offset printing and unique surface finishing cold-hot effect, which not only subverts and surpasses the effect of traditional hot stamping technology. A new model for offset online value-added printing has also been introduced. The advantages of offset online hot stamping technology are very prominent. The hot stamping speed is fast and the efficiency is high. The printing and metal foil transfer are completed in one pass, and the registration accuracy is high and the repeatability is good. It can be used for hot stamping on large areas, as well as hot stamping of fine lines and mesh patterns. Hot stamping does not require heating, saves energy, and is more adaptable to hot stamping materials, especially suitable for temperature sensitive printing materials.

However, the early offset printing technology introduced by the major offset press manufacturers did not have the stepping function, the loss of hot stamping foil was large, and the format of the model fit was limited. Therefore, it is difficult to ignite the investment enthusiasm of packaging and printing enterprises, and the sales volume is not excellent. It is most appropriate to describe the performance after asking the market with “satisfaction”.

At IPEX2010, Heidelberg and Manroland improved the offset online hot stamping technology. Heidelberg has introduced the FoilStar module, a new generation of cold foil transfer star that supports the step-and-step function. Manroland has introduced the InlineFoiler Prindor, an online cold-pressing device with a print length stepping function, which makes it possible to save more cold foil.

At the drupa2012 exhibition, there was a new breakthrough in offset online hot stamping technology. Manroland highlights the ROLAND 700LV eight-color offset press with the InlineFoiler Prindor inline cold foiling unit, which offers up to 55% savings in cold foil consumption. The new step-fed foil function improves the lateral utilization of the cold foil by the splitting technology, and improves the longitudinal utilization of the cold foil by the stepping technique, that is, the skipping technique.

British online Foiltone company can be installed on a sheetfed offset press, equipped with an online cold-blowing system with a step-and-foil function, which can save 75% of the amount of cold foil. The system can be installed on offset presses of different brands such as Heidelberg, Manroland, KBA, Komori and Mitsubishi. More than 30 units have been installed worldwide.

In addition, the KBA ColdFoiler online cold foiling device also has a stepping function, which uses a web slitting method to cut the cold foil into several narrower foil strips and precisely match it to the area to be cold-polished on the sheet. Alignment allows the cold foil coil to pass through the embossing gap multiple times, optimizing the utilization of the cold foil.

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