Home store department store management provides one-stop shopping for consumers

Li Wenfa, deputy secretary-general of the Tianjin Home Furnishings Chamber of Commerce, said that the difference between home department stores and ordinary department stores is that the stores are mainly household items, including extensions and special products of surrounding life, while abandoning the cumbersome promotion methods of traditional stores. Adopt a system such as a clear discount and a member return. Unlike other home stores that rely on sales of large homes to maintain performance, the core consumer groups of department store home stores lock in the middle class and young people. According to Li Wenfa, the life cycle of large household products is long and the increment is limited. Small furniture, soft decorations, digital goods, department stores, replacement frequency is fast, and its gross profit will be higher than the big home. “From the big homes in traditional stores to the promotion of new home products, to the sale of daily department stores, this not only makes the new home stores differentiated, but also wins more gross profit from the products outside the big home.”

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