Anwar marble tiles: home color matching skills

Anwar marble tiles: home color matching skills

1) Tonal color matching: refers to the color with some of the same properties (cold and warm, bright, bright), the more complete the hue, the minimum of three hue. For example, the same brightness of red, yellow, and blue are combined. The rainbow of nature is a good color scheme.

2) Approximate color matching: Select adjacent or similar hue to match. This color matching is very harmonious because it contains a common color among the three primary colors. Because the hue is close, it is also relatively stable. If it is a single hue, it is called the same color matching. With color matching: purple with green, purple with orange, green with orange.

3) Progressive color matching: The colors are arranged in order according to the degree of one of the three elements of hue, lightness and brightness. The characteristic is that even if the color is calm, it is very conspicuous, especially the progressive color matching of hue and lightness. Rainbow is both a color scheme and a progressive color scheme.

4) Contrast color matching: match with the contrast of hue, lightness or brilliance, with distinct strength. Among them, the contrast of lightness gives a clear and clear impression. It can be said that as long as there is contrast on the brightness, the color matching will not be too failed. For example, red with green, yellow with purple, blue with orange.

5) Single-key color matching: Let the two colors form a large contrast. “A little red in the green bush” is a single-focus color. In fact, single-color matching is also a kind of contrast, which is equivalent to one color to make the background color and the other color to make the graphics.

6) Separate color matching: If the two colors are close to each other and look unclear, you can add contrast color between the two colors to increase the intensity, and the overall effect will be coordinated. The simplest addition color is a neutral color such as a colorless color and beige.

7) Night color: Strictly speaking, this is not really a color matching technique, but it is very useful. The high-lightness or bright cool color is combined with the low-light warm color, which is called night color or shadow color. It is characterized by mystery, distantness, exoticism and ethnic customs. For example: ochre with burgundy burgundy, emerald turquoise green with black brown.

Anwar marble tiles: home color matching skills

Anwar marble tiles: life needs color, small to wear today, big to home color, I hope everyone can be the "magic" in the color world, with a little skill to breed unlimited life.

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