The closet also has a corner view and a messy wardrobe corner

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The corner of the crossroad may have a romantic ambiguity. The corner from summer to autumn is also a season opening, full of soft romantic atmosphere, and whether there is such a beautiful scenery at the corner of your wardrobe. Many people's closet corners are messy, and if you properly organize the corner space, you may also encounter the scenery.

Overall wardrobe

Segmentation space is well organized

The interior design is especially important because there are a lot of clothes, the classification is complicated, and there is not much free time to take care of. Divide the internal partitions, make reasonable planning for each block, coexist with long and short spaces, and size and size to meet the needs of your reasonable placement. In this regard, it is not suitable for careful calculation. If you are worried about the cost and reduce the partition, it will be very inconvenient to use in the future.

Solid wood wardrobe

Fixed location attribute

Put each piece of clothing in a special position and let everything be ready, not only can visually help decompression, but also reduce the trouble in use. The application of special storage items, drawers of various colors, subdivisions, and division of blocks can make items arranged in an orderly manner, especially those with irregular shapes, such as bags, belts, etc., and should be placed neatly to avoid scattering. Everywhere, creating chaos.

Wardrobe renderings

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