Germany develops new technologies for real-time monitoring of solar photovoltaic modules

Although the solar photovoltaic modules have been strictly tested during the production process, damages are still inevitable during transportation, installation and operation, such as cracks or damage to the solar panels. If they are not replaced in time, the system efficiency will be greatly reduced , Or even cause system failure. The current monitoring methods mainly include thermal imaging photography technology and (electric) field excitation luminescence detection technology, but each has great application restrictions. Thermal imaging photography technology can only be used in sunlight with a light energy density greater than 700 watts / square meter. It can be used under the conditions, and the field-excited luminescence detection technology can only be used in the low-light conditions at night.

The Institute of Photovoltaic Technology of the University of Stuttgart, Germany has cooperated with enterprises to develop a new monitoring technology. This new codenamed "DaySy" can monitor the solar photovoltaic equipment in real time by measuring the field-excited luminescence and the intensity of the light-excited luminescence of solar photovoltaic modules. The working status of the system can be monitored within 30 seconds to determine whether the solar photovoltaic module is intact and can determine the common types of failures, such as the shedding of wires between solar panels, micro cracks on the panel surface, and the photoelectric conversion failure of the solar panel The parts, etc., have a wide range of application prospects.

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