Bedside table - bedroom "storage expert" pillow chic style

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] If the wardrobe is the "number one hero" in the home life, then the bedside table is usually the "receiving expert" indispensable in the bedroom, you can put some small objects such as mobile phones, desk lamps, photos, etc. It is dotted with home decor. Its style also directly affects the overall style of the bedroom, creating a comfortable and warm chic style for the pillow. Today, let's take a look at the comfortable home charm brought by the bedside table with Xiaobian.

Bedside table

There are a wide variety of bedside tables. Today, in the pursuit of individual fashion, the design of the bedside table is not only closed, open, but also creative. Enclosed style is a common style of traditional bedroom, which will keep the style of bedroom furniture consistent with practicality; open style enhances space permeability and visual effect is better; creative style is full of personality, but casually shows the owner's taste.

Wardrobe storage

In the details of the bedside table, it is common to have an elongated type, a single layer type, and a movable type. They can both display jewelry, store debris, and have a certain decorative effect, adding a bit of fun to the bedroom.

Bedside table

When selecting the bedside table, first check the structure of the bedside table. If it is based on the plate, you can open the drawer and smell it to see if there is a strong smell. If there is, the formaldehyde will generally exceed the standard and have certain damage to the human body. Secondly, through the visual, see if the frame is firm, whether the drawer slides are smooth, and whether the corners are handled delicately. If you buy a bed, the bedside table is a gift, you should carefully check whether the instructions on the bedside cabinet are environmentally friendly.

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