The "certificate" in the wardrobe market is flooding consumers with choice disorders

Certificates have always been regarded as a symbol of honor. If you get a certificate of honor when you study, it is a very proud thing, but now the certificate is getting more and more popular. There was such a report last month that a class in Chengdu had a certificate of honor at the end of a primary school. According to the class teacher, the reason was to improve the child’s self-confidence. When such a news came out, it also caused a strong reaction from the society. If everyone takes a certificate, how can we tell the difference between the real and the bad? Similarly, there is a phenomenon of certificate flooding in the wardrobe industry in China.

Looking at China's wardrobe market, "original import", "best brand", "selling brand" ... almost without exception, see such medals or certificates in a number of closet shops. Various "points of award" all kinds of confusion, so that consumers are confused, can not tell the southeast and northwest. The "certificate" of the wardrobe market is rampant, and consumers have "selection disorders", which is difficult to start.

So what is the reason for the emergence of various certificates in the wardrobe market in China?

According to the person in charge of a wardrobe brand, because the development of the wardrobe industry is not long, local brands lack brands with industry influence. The disorderly competition in the wardrobe industry also reveals the lack of self-discipline in the industry. The wardrobe brands want to strengthen the brand at this time. Propaganda, occupation of market share, formed a good reputation in the market, so there has been a accumulation of various "certificates". So many inexplicable "signs" are hard to convince, making consumers difficult to distinguish. Most of the wardrobe businesses in a certain place are reluctant to mention the place where the products are produced, and generally emphasize production at the headquarters or in the field. The insiders admit that this is also a true portrayal of the local wardrobe industry, the wardrobe industry is still in the initial development stage in the second and third line markets.

"The brands that were operated were exposed by the media, and they were quickly spread. Even the newspapers were copied and enlarged in the store's conspicuous place..." When I mentioned my own experience, a boss who opened a closet shop in a certain place seemed very troubled. In daily sales, some merchants do not hesitate to maliciously attack competitive brands, and even smash other brands, resulting in disorderly competition.

"There is still no real modern (modern decoration renderings) kitchen wardrobe manufacturer in the local area." A person in charge of the wardrobe brand introduced to Xiaobian, currently in the wardrobe production, only small size, poor equipment, The original production level of the craft makes it difficult for the local wardrobe industry to develop. At the same time, non-domestic manufacturing will inevitably lead to increased costs due to product transportation.

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