The founder of IKEA will pass on the big position to the younger son to extend to the photovoltaic industry in China.

Recently, 87-year-old IKEA founder and European richest man Ingvar Kamprad designated his youngest son, Macias Kamprad, as the successor to his home empire, but he said that "returning does not mean not working." "". While IKEA is engaged in the home industry, it has extended its reach to the solar industry. The IKEA Group is committed to the goal of 100% clean and renewable energy in IKEA buildings.

IKEA Home founder Invar Kamprad

Kamprad still works after retirement. "Retreating does not mean not working."

Kamprad, 87, said he has retired from the IKEA board of directors. A few months ago, he insisted that there was no retirement plan and said "too busy, no time to die."

Although the younger son, Mathias Kamprad, succeeded him in charge of IKEA, he said that he will continue to participate in the company's business. He said: "Retreating does not mean not working." "I will continue to make suggestions and make suggestions. I will continue to spend time working in the store, in the factory and with the employees, to contribute to the company's continuous improvement. Our journey has only just begun."

IKEA said that the personnel changes on the board of directors are part of the company's “new and old replacements” and have been planned for many years, and Ingvarkamp Prad believes that leaving the board now is a “right time” for him.

According to information available to Bloomberg, Kamprad's assets include holding companies and legal entities. In 2012, Kamprad was named the richest man in Europe, with more than $40 billion in assets and the top five in the world.

The past and present of IKEA

Kamprad was born in Småland in southern Sweden. When he was young, he decided to start his own company. At first, he rode his bicycle to sell his matches to his neighbors. He found that batches from Stockholm could get matches at very cheap prices, and then sell them again, which would make a lot of profit. Later, his business continued to expand, selling fish, Christmas tree decorations, seeds, ballpoint pens and pencils. When he was 17 years old, his father gave him a graduation gift to help him create his own company. This is the origin of IKEA.

IKEA promotes solar projects in China

In June 2012, IKEA announced a strategic partnership with Hanergy Holding Group to install solar photovoltaic panels in all IKEA stores in China to jointly promote the IKEA Group's energy conservation and emission reduction projects. After a year of hard work, IKEA stores in Beijing, Shenzhen, Dalian, Nanjing and Shenyang have installed rooftop solar thin-film photovoltaic panels and commissioned them. The installation of IKEA stores in other cities and the IKEA distribution center in Shanghai will also be launched and will promote solar power projects to IKEA suppliers in China.

At the IKEA-Haneng: Solar Rooftop Power Plant Grid-connected Power Generation Launching Ceremony held at the IKEA store in Beijing, IKEA China and Hanergy Holding Group announced the initial results of the grid-connected power generation project for solar roof power stations. Five IKEA stores have After the installation of the roof solar thin film photovoltaic panel, the energy supply provided by the solar panel will meet 10%~15% of the total power demand of the IKEA store after normal operation. The IKEA Group Energy Saving and Emission Reduction IGR project is committed to the goal of 100% clean and renewable energy in IKEA buildings. In the past year, IKEA has actively promoted solar grid-connected power generation projects with Hanergy in various shopping malls in China. This cooperation has pushed us to a new step towards the goal of 'Let IKEA be more environmentally friendly' and to give us more confidence in the completion of the next cooperation and goals.

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