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The method of correctly installing the anaerobic incubator:
1. The anaerobic incubator should be placed in a place with small temperature difference and convenient operation. It should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from heating equipment, and placed steadily;
2. Place the mixed gas cylinder and nitrogen cylinder steadily, and install the pressure-reducing valves (including pressure gauges) respectively, and place them in appropriate positions;
3. Connect the gas path and check the gas path, in order to prevent air leakage, if necessary, you can use the sealant to glue at each connection;
Use (1) Operation room anaerobic environment formation:
1. Place the necessary accessories and appliances according to the requirements of use, and put two non-toxic plastic bags into the operating room;
2. Turn on the lights with the power supply, turn on the temperature controller, adjust the required temperature and safe temperature;
3. Put 1000g palladium pellets (closed) and 500g desiccant in the operation room, and put Meilan indicator (closed);
4. Close the indoor and outdoor doors of the sampling, and vacuum check;
5. The first replacement in the operating room (nitrogen replacement):
A. First insert the rubber tube into the air inlet of the operating room, and insert the other end into the plastic bag;
B. Turn on the nitrogen gas inlet, open the nitrogen control valve 1, make the two plastic bags full of nitrogen, close the valve 1, and then tighten the bag mouth;
C. Put the latex gloves on the flange ring of the observation board and tighten it;
D. Nitrogen in the plastic bag is gradually placed in the operating room until all is released.
6. The second replacement of the operation room (nitrogen replacement) repeats the nitrogen filling process. The sampling room is evacuated first, and pay attention to open and close the exhaust with the foot switch at any time.
7. The third replacement in the operating room (mixed gas replacement): (mixed gas ratio is N2 85%, H2 10%, CO2 5%)
A. Change the air path and open the mixed gas valve 3 to intake air. When inflating, the sampling chamber is evacuated first, and the foot switch is used to open and close the exhaust at any time;
B. After the mixed gas is filled in the plastic bag, turn off the mixed gas valve, and open the valve 5, let the mixed gas pass the flow meter, adjust the flow meter, the flow rate is about 10ml per minute;
C. The mixed gas in the plastic bag is gradually discharged into the operation room;
D. After three times of ventilation, the oxygen content of the gas in the operating room is already in a very trace state.
8. Turn on the grain deaerator in the operation room, connect the power of the deaeration catalyst for catalytic deaeration, and open the Meilan indicator (Meilan ampoules) to observe its discoloration after one hour. surroundings;
9. Turn on the ultraviolet sterilization lamp, sterilize the room, and the sterilization time will be determined according to the specific experiment.
(2) Placement and cultivation of strains:
1. Check and close the door of the sampling room;
2. Open the sampling outdoor door, close the outer door after putting the bacteria into the sampling room;
3. Three processes of nitrogen filling and replacement in the sampling chamber: turn on the vacuum pump, first stop the vacuum at 500ml Hg (66kPa) or more, then manually open the nitrogen valve 2 inlet, return the pointer to zero, and close the valve 2. Repeat the operation once for the second time. During the third operation, stop the vacuum above 500ml Hg (66kPa), then open the valve 4 to enter the mixed gas, return the pointer to the zero position, and then drop the valve 4. The three-time nitrogen-filled replacement process in the sampling chamber ends;
4. If the selected vacuum is lower, the number of replacements needs to be increased;
5. Open and close the doors inside and outside the sampling room, and then draw a low vacuum of 100ml Hg (13kPa) for inspection;
6. Conditions for long-term continuous use of anaerobic incubators:
A. Open the Meilan indicator every day in the operating room and observe, if it is abnormal, you must re-ventilate;
B. Continuously input a small amount of mixed gas for a long time, so that the supplemental nitrogen can be combined with trace oxygen through catalytic absorption to ensure the indoor anaerobic state. The flow rate of the mixed gas is selected to be about 10ml per minute;
C. Continuous culture operation for one day, replace the deaerator and desiccant once. 7. The temperature of the training room in the operation room can be arbitrarily selected and controlled.
8. Adjust the output pressure of the mixed gas cylinder and nitrogen cylinder: adjust the pressure reducing valve to make the output pressure about 0.1Mpa.
Note 1. The instrument should be installed in a place where the air is clean and the temperature change is as small as possible;
2. Before starting the machine, you should be fully familiar with and understand the instructions for each supporting instrument and instrument, and master the correct use method;
3. The culture must be put into the operating room after reaching an absolute anaerobic environment;
4. In case of failure (cause of gas stop, etc.), the operating room can still maintain an anaerobic state for 12 hours (more than 12 hours, the culture can be taken out for other treatment as needed);
5. Always pay attention to whether there is air leakage in the gas circuit;
6. When changing the gas cylinder, pay attention to tighten the trachea to avoid the flow of oxygen-containing gas;
7. The vacuum pump is used as required, and the fueling is checked regularly.
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