Net assets have shrunk by 150 times. Can "heroes" still be able to eat rice?

A well-known enterprise in the country, after 16 years, the net assets have shrunk by 150 times and the total assets have shrunk by 30 times. This is the current situation of the hero pen that we are proud of, the competition on the market, and the competition between the fingers. The smog is so embarrassing. It is reported that the hero pen is still holding 51%, the brand is still in the grip, but now people's biggest question is still: heroes, can still eat?

According to reports, Shanghai Hero (Group) publicly conducted a tender at the Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange, with a reserve price of 2.5 million yuan to transfer a 49% stake in Shanghai Hero Gold Pen Factory Co., Ltd., which produces heroes. This news has been reported, and many people immediately said that they did not understand: once the scenery is infinite, the country is proud of the national pen, 49% of the shares actually worth only 2.5 million? With such questions, the reporter visited Li Wen, a management person of the hero company.

"The hero's management method has always stayed in the 1980s and 1990s. With such a business approach to adapt to the 21st century market competition rhythm, it is obviously impossible to survive. Therefore, the transfer of equity by a hero is intended to introduce social capital and seek state-owned enterprises. Reform," Li Wen said.

Shi Weikang, chairman of Shanghai Heroes (Group) Co., Ltd., said that in 2003, he acquired a new Shanghai Hero Gold Pen Factory Co., Ltd. through the acquisition of the effective operating assets of Hero Industrial Co., Ltd. from the former Hero Company. Over the years, it has cost about 100 million yuan to expand and innovate the hero brand. Hero Gold Pen Factory is the main production base of “Hero” products. In recent years, although the number of employees has been reduced from more than 500 to more than 100 by reducing redundant staff and other measures, the historical burden of the company has not been completely relieved, and the mechanism is not living and it is difficult to adapt to the heat. market competition. To this end, it is proposed to introduce social capital and activate internal mechanisms through diversified reforms and open reorganization, in the absence of trademarks and land.

According to Shi Weikang, the assets of the 49% equity transfer of Shanghai Hero Gold Pen Factory Co., Ltd. do not include the current real estate of Qilianshan (8.76, 0.00, 0.00%) Road No. 127, and the second does not include the group holding the enterprise. All the "heroes", "doctors" and other Chinese and English characters and pattern trademarks. "51% of the shares are in the hands of the company, which guarantees the control of the company. The trademark rights are not transferred, and it is better to let the 'heroes' develop in the direction of the original plan." Shi Weikang said that in fact, this transfer, "hero" There has been no “equity change” in this brand.

Although the equity has not changed, the development of the hero pen is indeed worrying. Many people with nostalgic complexes can hardly imagine that the sudden disappearance of a pen brand with great significance, the aging of the development model and the poor management and management are always the biggest failures of the hero pen management. People hope that after this reform The hero can be reborn.

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