Fully enclosed high-temperature circulator prevents oil medium heating and fog generation

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed the LNB brand high-temperature circulator, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable.

Advantages and disadvantages of the sealed high-temperature circulator 1: Oil mist is generated at a temperature above 100 ° C. The higher the temperature, the more oil mist is generated, which is harmful to the human body and pollutes the laboratory environment. 2: The high-temperature oil expands when it exceeds a certain temperature, and the non-expansion container provides reflux, which causes the high-temperature oil to overflow, pollutes the laboratory environment, and sticks oil on the ground, which is easy to slip. 3: When the high temperature experiment, the temperature around the ordinary high temperature circulator is too high, especially above the high temperature circulator. 4: During the operation of the ordinary high-temperature circulator, the high-temperature silicone oil is all heated and participates in the cycle, and the power consumption is high; the high-temperature oil contacts the air and is easily oxidized, resulting in a decrease in the high-temperature silicone oil's performance. cost. If the high-temperature silicone oil is not replaced in time, the heater may burst. 5: Lower purchase cost.

Fully enclosed high temperature circulator

1: No oil mist is generated in the full temperature range, keeping the laboratory environment clean and hygienic. 2: The high-temperature oil expands when it exceeds a certain temperature, and the expansion oil flows back into the expansion vessel to avoid the overflow of the high-temperature oil. 3: When the high-temperature experiment, the temperature of the silicone oil in the expansion vessel does not exceed 60 ℃, the thermal insulation performance is good, and the surrounding environment will not be too hot. 4: During the working process of the fully enclosed high-temperature circulator, the high-temperature silicone oil is partially heated and participates in a small amount of circulation to reduce power consumption and achieve energy-saving effects. Moreover, the high-temperature oil is not easily oxidized in the closed cavity, extending the service life of the silicone oil and saving 2 / 3 of the cost of use. 5: The purchase cost is higher.

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The air permeability of the fabric offic chair is relatively high that soft and felt comfort for people.

Fabric used in the Office Chair generally includes linen, cotton and polyester fabric and so on. 

Cleaning Instructions for Fabric Office Chairs

For regular cleaning and deep stain removal, start by vacuuming the whole chair with a brush attachment to get rid of any loose debris. Consult the manufacturer`s instructions on the chair to see if there are any limitations to the kind of cleaner you can use.

For example, with some upholstery, you are unable to use water-based cleaners. If this is the case, use a dry cleaner, which comes both in liquid and powder forms. Put a small amount of the cleaner on a dry cloth (don`t apply directly to the chair). Rub gently but firmly to lift any stains out. Afterward, use a damp (not wet) cloth to remove any residue so that you don`t damage the upholstery.

If you are able to use water-based cleaners, you have a few options. Try using a foam cleanser, which you apply to the whole chair and let sit for a few minutes. Using a brush, scour out any stains. After the chair has had time to dry, vacuum it again with the brush attachment to remove residue.

Another water-based cleaning method is to combine dish soap and water. Mix a few drops of soap and water, and dab the stain with the soap and water mixture and wipe it out. Rinse out any extra soap with a damp cloth.

Fabric Office Chair

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