Analysis: the technology of green non-printing hot stamping ink in packaging and printing

In the packaging and printing industry, anodized aluminum hot stamping is the best technology to improve the decoration effect. Organic color anodized aluminum and inorganic metal anodized aluminum are the earliest used in hot stamping. Their specifications are 8 #, 12 #, 15 # and hot stamping temperature control 75 ℃ ~ 90 ℃, 60 ℃ ~ 70 ℃. Usually flat and round flattening manual and automatic hot stamping machines are used. The hot stamping range is divided into ink paper, glazing paper, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride hard plastic and soft polyvinyl chloride plastic and wood.

Most of the anodized aluminum is made of polyester film as the carrier (film base), a resin layer coated with alcohol-soluble pigment and dye, vacuum sprayed metal aluminum and copper and organic color dye, and then coated with an adhesive layer. Hot stamping on books, plastics, leather and other materials (commonly known as hot stamping copper, aluminum and color anodized aluminum) by metal engraving, metal corrosion or photosensitive resin plate hot press or air stamping on curved surfaces is greatly improved The added value of packaging, printing and decorating.

But at present, due to the shortage of anodized aluminum resources and the high price, coupled with the waste pollution and the prolonged processing time of photoengraving, it has long been unable to meet the requirements of the packaging and printing industry, and it cannot meet the needs of the advertising and building materials industry. Therefore, it is imperative to find a high-quality and low-cost plateless hot stamping ink replacement.

Based on the above research, we carried out the analysis of the performance of anodized aluminum and the research work on the non-version hot stamping ink products. After repeated experiments, trial production and comparative demonstration, the hot stamping ink we developed can be close to the use effect of anodized aluminum on printing materials, and the ink system has rich raw material resources and the price is more expensive than the traditional anodized aluminum duty room. In the hot stamping ink system, we boldly adopt Tianjin Lisheng Chemical Factory:

â‘ Introduction of antioxidants to improve the resistance of hot stamping products;

â‘¡Introduction of anti-ultraviolet absorbers to enhance and extend the quality characteristics of hot stamping finished products;

â‘¢Introduce stabilizer to improve the stability of hot stamping ink in storage and transportation.

The use test proves that it can not only replace the anodized aluminum on the traditional round flattening or flattening printing machine, but also more suitable for the rotary round rounding mass direct hot stamping and manual room temperature or heating hot stamping process technology. The development of this product has opened up a new hot stamping route for China's packaging industry, cultural and educational propaganda, building materials and advertising accessories.

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