Cut off the power in time when there is no wind on the front of the ultra-clean workbench

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ultra-clean workbenches. It provides ultra-clean workbench clean workbenches for medical and sanitary, pharmaceutical preparations, purification engineering and other fields and laboratories.

The advantages of the ultra-clean table are that it is easy to operate, relatively comfortable, high in work efficiency, short in preparation time, and can be operated more than 10 minutes after starting up, and can basically be used at any time. In factory production, the vaccination workload is very large, and when it is necessary to work for a long time, the ultra-clean table is an ideal equipment. The ultra-clean table is powered by a three-phase motor with a power of about 145 to 260W. The air is blown out through a "super filter" composed of special microporous foam plastic sheets laminated to form a continuous dust-free The ultra-clean laminar flow of bacteria, so-called "efficient special air", removes dust, fungi, bacterial spores, etc. larger than 0.3 μm. The flow rate of ultra-clean air is 24 ~ 30m / min, which is enough to prevent the pollution caused by the possible disturbance of nearby air. The staff operates under such sterile conditions to keep the sterile materials free from contamination during the transfer inoculation process. However, in the event of a power outage in the middle of the operation, materials exposed to unfiltered air will not be spared pollution. At this time, the work should be completed quickly, and a mark should be made on the bottle. If the material in it is in the multiplication stage, it will no longer be used for multiplication and transferred to rooting culture in the future. If it is a general production material, it can be discarded because it is extremely rich. If it is in the rooting process, it can be reserved for future planting.

The ultra-clean platform power supply mostly adopts three-phase four-wire system, one of which has a neutral wire, which is connected to the machine casing, and should be firmly connected to the ground wire. The other three wires are all phase wires, and the working voltage is 380V. There is a certain sequence in the three-wire access circuit. If the wire end is connected incorrectly, the wind will reverse. At this time, the sound is normal or slightly abnormal. There is no wind on the front of the ultra-clean platform (the alcohol lamp flame can be used to observe the movement and should not be tried for a long time). Cut off the power supply in time, as long as the wire ends of any two phases are exchanged and then connected, it can be solved. If the three-phase line is only connected to two phases, or one of the three phases is in poor contact, the machine sound is very abnormal, and you should immediately cut off the power supply and carefully repair it, otherwise it will burn the motor. These common senses should be clearly explained to the staff when starting to use the ultra-clean platform to avoid accidents and losses that should not be caused.

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