Home Feng Shui teaches you to use the carpet to create a good feng shui

Whether you are visiting relatives or friends or returning to your own home, when you walk to the door, you will always find large or small carpets of various colors at the gate. Chasing the common ground, that is, everyone working hard outside, after rushing through the whole day, when they return to their homes, they are not willing to bring dust and bacteria outside into their homes. Therefore, put a small carpet outside the gate and clean the shoes twice. Don't underestimate this little carpet, the mystery of which involves the five elements of Feng Shui. Then, in the wind and water at the door of the home, how can we use the carpet to create a good feng shui? Today, we will discuss this topic from the perspective of home feng shui.

First, the significance of the gate in the home Feng Shui

Feng Shui ancient books: "The first major door of the Yang house, the door is also the mouth." The ancient famous surveyor Feng Shui master compared the door of the home to the "mouth" of people. When talking about the door of the home, it is naturally regarded as the "mouth" of the family. Therefore, the gate will also have the role of ventilating the gas field. In the ancient Feng Shui masterpiece "Yang Zhai San Yao", there is such a record: "Yang Zhai San Yao: door, house, stove", and the first of these "three essentials" is the door, thus showing the role of the door in feng shui Very powerful.

Second, the carpet at the gate is the most taboo

As the "mouth" of the family, the gate is also the first door to enter and exit. From the perspective of home Feng Shui, the most taboo of the carpet at the gate is that it will not be cleaned for many years, causing the blanket to be dirty or the doorway%.

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