Overview of the development of the label industry in South China in 2013

South China, one of the world's four largest printing industry bases, China's highest-end printing concentration, combined with the industrial advantages of the Greater Pearl River Delta, has now developed into the most developed area for label printing in China. Since the late 1970s, self-adhesive label printing has entered China for more than 30 years. The fast-growing economy in South China has provided fertile ground for the advancement of the label printing industry. Label printing technology , management concepts and service awareness in South China have been An unprecedented development.

According to statistics, in the past five years, China's label industry has shown a good growth trend, with an average annual growth rate of 15% to 20%. According to statistics, there are 6,046 label printing companies in China. Among them, there are 1593 label printing enterprises in South China, accounting for 26.3% of the country. According to the "Global and China Label Market Status and Development Outlook" published in the sixth volume of Label Technology in 2012, about 70% of the label printing enterprises with annual sales of more than 20 million yuan are distributed in southern China. These figures are sufficient to show that South China has an important position in China's label printing industry. In recent years, South China has been radiating all over the country and overseas with advanced label printing technology, cutting-edge label printing equipment , advanced management mode and excellent customer service.

The global economic downturn in 2012 has had a significant impact on the labeling industry in South China, which is more dependent on overseas markets. However, label printing companies in South China still maintain a positive attitude. Many label printing companies are still able to maintain their development level in 2011. It also shows the trend of rising against the market. With such development, how do they solve the main problems encountered in their operations? How to achieve open source and throttling? What is the expectation for 2013? As the leader of China's label printing industry, South China is undoubtedly the most intuitive embodiment of the industry's overall development direction, and more worthy of the attention of practitioners. In early spring, February was warm and cold, and with the hope of a new year, the editorial department of Label Technology opened the in-depth visit to the label printing industry in East China, South China, Central China and North China. The reporters opened the line. South China trip. The label printing industry in South China is based on the comprehensive strengths of Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Therefore, the main choices are to use Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places as a base to intimately contact a number of representative label printing companies. It is intended to reflect the development trend of the industry's main body with the most realistic first-line situation, and to reflect the overall development of the industry, hoping to inspire the industry.

(1) The United States, the more innovative and more persistent
In 1997, Meihao Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Mei”) was still a small factory that had just been established. In the blink of an eye, 16 years passed. With standardized management, strong technical strength and large-scale business, nowadays Established branches in Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places, becoming the benchmark enterprise in the label printing industry in South China and even the whole country.

In 2012, under the overall “small profit” environment of China's label printing industry, Meilu purchased two new flexo printing machines and successfully put into production. The overall output value of the company in 2012 is growing compared with 2011. What is the reason why Meilu has achieved such good results? In the words of Mr. Zhang Yuzhong, the general manager, the answer is: "We are always on the road to innovation, and we have not paced."

1. Take the information technology route to innovate first
In the context of declining orders in the whole industry, Meilu's 2012 “Open Source” branded “Information Technology” brand, and introduced information technology into the label production process by introducing and developing new information technology, which enhanced product diversity. , functionality and added value, providing customers with more and better solutions.

In the interview, Zhang Yuzhong showed the reporter an anti-counterfeit label produced by the combination of anti-counterfeiting technology and two-dimensional code technology. The label has a two-dimensional code randomly generated by the two-dimensional code assignment system. When the consumer purchases the product, the mobile phone scans the QR code on the product, and can watch the product video, view the company information, identify the authenticity of the product, and obtain the promotion information. And enjoy promotional offers and more. The reporter also learned that the label directly attaches the anti-counterfeiting information point to the traditional label, and the production is completed by the "traditional printing + digital printing " connection, which is more efficient, and the cost per label is not high. At present, this technology has cooperated with the famous coffee brand costa and has a good reputation. According to statistics, after using this technology, the monthly sales of costa coffee increased by 30%. This kind of achievement can not help but praise the reporter, and Zhang Yuzhong just smiled and said: "Meizhen not only has to provide customers with high-quality products, but also to provide customers with high-quality label solutions." I believe this is also the United States has been persistent The best embodiment of "customer-oriented, creating value for customers".

2. Improve the level of "automation" and win development with management
After the interview, Zhang Yuzhong took the reporter to visit the new factory in Meilu. The factory is well-organized with all kinds of advanced equipment, Esko CDI flexographic plate-making machine, Oumite, Sun, Zhaolong, Kidu and other brand printing equipment, as well as AVT quality testing equipment, etc. Being busy with work, a thriving scene.

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