Fresh and simple villa decoration design independent cloakroom leading personality

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The average person is luxurious, mysterious and dreamy about the villa. Indeed, most of the domestic villas are like this. In foreign countries, most villas tend to be simple and individual. The designer will make a specific analysis according to the advantages of the apartment. From the decoration, the cost of buying furniture can be well controlled within the budget. The following is a set of fresh and simple foreign villa decoration cases. For example, the living room is only equipped with a sofa, a rug and a coffee table. The desk and chair of the study are simply pieced together, the kitchen has a cupboard and a dining table, and the bedroom has a big bed. The cloakroom is simpler, with the built-in cabinet door. Any piece of furniture is superfluous and there is no shortage of furniture.

Villa decoration design

Living room decoration renderings

The large floor-to-ceiling windows give the living room the most sunshine and warmth. A group of fabric sofas are backed by the sun, and a set of leather art sofas face the window, allowing you to experience the scenery from different angles.

Cloakroom decoration design

Study room decoration renderings

A working space is planned on the east side of the first floor. The narrow aisle can provide enough reading and thinking areas for the family, and the black and white combination is stable and independent.

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