Precautions when placing sand dust test box

The sand dust test box is widely used in various auto parts, lamp, instrument, electric dust jacket, steering system, door lock, etc. It is an indispensable instrument for testing whether the test workpiece has dust and dust resistance test.

In order to facilitate the heat dissipation and maintenance of the cabinet, the following items should be noted when placing the sand dust test box:

1, should be installed on the level of the ground, no direct sunlight, good ventilation, less dust.

2. The sand dust test box should be placed away from combustibles, explosives and high temperature heat sources.

3. In order to stably display the function and performance of the test chamber, the place where the annual temperature is 15~25°C and the humidity is ≤85%RH should be selected (the ambient temperature should not be changed sharply).

4. The distance between the equipment and the adjacent wall or object should be 50cm away.

5. Install as close as possible to the power supply.

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