How to buy baby bathtub

Many children will inevitably have such concerns after birth, how to bathe the baby , so the baby bathtub appears like this, but as its brand becomes more and more, how should we choose? Here we come to specific research to study how to buy.

Purchase of baby bathtub

1. The safest protection, the bathtub must be surrounded by soft inflatable materials, so that when the baby is soft and comfortable, avoid bumps.

2. The humanized design, the strip sink should have a non-slip surface, because of the baby's active habits, when the baby stretches freely and enjoys the fun of bathing, it will not slide down.

3. Use the scientific bathing method to let the baby lie on the slope-type air cushion back, and can take a shower in all directions, which is the baby's back and buttocks, and ensure that the dirty water drains quickly.

4. Choose those imported and environmentally friendly materials, generally about 3mm thick. Choose those with better wear resistance and softer feel.

5. Beautiful patterns, such as beautiful cartoon patterns or some bright colors, enhance the baby's ability to distinguish.

6. Small size, it is best to fold it into small pieces when the bathtub is not in use. It is more convenient to carry even when going out.

7. The service life is longer. Suitable for babies around 0-4 years old, babies from 0-8 months can lie on the backrest of the slope type air cushion, and babies from 8 months to 4 years can sit (take off the backrest of the slope type air cushion).

8. Harmony music: Listening to music can make your baby take a bath more at ease.

Which brand of baby bathtub is good

In the maternal and child supplies library, the most commented baby baths are Bikano baby bath, Kita baby bath, Yuanyuanle baby bath, Camellia baby bath, Flexi Bath baby bath, BabyValley baby bath, Rikang baby bath, Bebo Baby bathtub.

The above is a brief introduction of the baby bathtub , I hope to help you, more exciting content, all on this website, so stay tuned.

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