Optimal site conditions for salt spray tester placement

When installing the salt spray tester, you can communicate with the manufacturer according to the different rooms and negotiate to solve the problem that cannot meet the site conditions. Here are the recommended site conditions for your salt spray tester:
1. Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ 30 ° C, relative humidity: <85% RH.
2. There is no strong vibration around.
3. Direct radiation without direct sunlight or other heat sources.
4. There is no strong airflow around. When the surrounding air needs to be forced to flow, the airflow should not directly touch the tank.
5. Because the cover and the box are sealed by water, the salt spray is prevented from overflowing. The test chamber should be placed in a stable and level condition.
6. The salt spray test machine should be kept at a certain distance around the machine for easy operation and maintenance.
7. Separate a separate compartment and it is not easy to place it with any other equipment to prevent corrosion of other equipment.
8. Power distribution cabinets that meet the requirements, and supporting drainage and exhaust facilities. Automatic water supply pipe, pure water pipeline with pressure above 0.15 kg, filter and valve on the water supply pipeline.
9. There must be some space left and right around the test box for ventilation and maintenance.

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