The aspects that should be paid attention to in the actual production of frozen food packaging

1. The characteristics of the frozen food itself and the required protection conditions.
To study the factors that affect the main components of frozen foods, especially those affecting nutrients such as fats, proteins, and vitamins, including factors such as light, oxygen, temperature, microbiology, and physical and mechanical mechanics. Only by mastering the biological, chemical and physical characteristics and sensitive factors of frozen foods packaged, and determining the required protection conditions, can we determine what kind of packaging materials and packaging technology are used for packaging operations in order to achieve its protection function and appropriate The purpose of extending its shelf life.
2. Packaging performance and application scope and conditions of packaging materials. There are many kinds of packaging materials and their properties are different. Therefore, only by understanding the packaging performance of various packaging materials and containers, can we choose to protect the flavor and quality of frozen foods as well as the value of their products based on the protection requirements for frozen food packaging. The packaging material that makes the packaging cost reasonable.
3. Market positioning and circulation area conditions of commodities. The market orientation of commodities, the mode of transportation, and the climate and geographical conditions of the circulation area are factors that must be considered when designing frozen food packaging. The packaging and decoration requirements for goods sold domestically and for goods exported to different countries are different, and the protective requirements for different types of packaging are different. In the case of frozen food packaging, changes in the climatic conditions of the commodity circulation area are of crucial importance because the temperature has a great influence on the chemical changes of the internal components of the frozen food and on the barrier properties of the microorganisms and their packaging materials.
4. The effect of the overall packaging structure and packaging materials on frozen foods. Understand the effect of the migration of additives such as additives in packaging materials on frozen foods, and the infiltration and adsorption of certain components in frozen foods into packaging containers, and on the quality of frozen foods in circulation.
5. Make reasonable packaging structure design and decoration design. According to the protective requirements required for frozen foods, the packaging costs, packaging volume, and other aspects are expected to be properly packaged, including the design of the container shape, compressive strength, structural form, size, and sealing method, and should be designed as much as possible. Reasonable packaging structure, saving materials, saving transportation space and in line with the trend of the times, avoid excessive packaging and deceptive packaging.
6. Perform packaging testing. Qualified products must have qualified packaging. In addition to testing the product itself, product inspections must also be tested. Qualified products can only enter the circulation area. There are many packaging inspection items, but not every package needs to be fully tested. Which tests are to be carried out on a specific package depends on the characteristics and sensitive factors of the frozen foods contained therein, the type of packaging materials, and their national standards and regulatory requirements. Frozen food packaging bags can be tested as follows: 1 testing of bag strength and strength properties; 2 packaging bag heat-sealing strength testing; 3 packaging bag opening performance testing; 4 packaging bag impact performance testing; 5 packaging bag sealing performance testing; 6 tear test of packaging bags; 7 heat resistance; 8 oil resistance test.
7. Packaging standards and regulations. Packaging operations should strictly comply with national standards and regulations, and export products should also comply with the relevant standards and regulations of the importing country. Only in this way can we ensure smooth progress in the supply of raw materials for packaging, packaging operations, commodity circulation, and international trade. With the development of market economy and international trade, the standardization and standardization of packaging are more and more important. Only in this way can our products go further.

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