[6PM] The groundhog winter model sea tao good price 3.8 fold

6PM is a website that many Haitao friends often visit. Recently, 6PM groundhog winter 3.8 folds, this special dress is mostly men's winter clothes, the discount is quite cost-effective, like a friend may wish to go shopping ~

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Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket:

Ice bucket is mainly used as a container for beer, and it is suitable for various bar parties, family picnics and gardens. The main material is galvanized iron and tinplate, and the thickness of the barrel is 0.28mm and 0.35 mm.

As for the size ,color logo and the handle type of our high quality bucket, it will be customized according to the different needs of customers.

And our bar buckets are relatively cheap, durable and easy to use. we will pay more attention to details, develop and innovate with advanced manufacturing technology.

Ice Bucketbar buckets

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