The price of mahogany furniture is getting closer to the people.

The price of mahogany furniture is getting closer to the people.

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As a traditional Chinese furniture, mahogany furniture has risen in recent years and has been loved and sought after by more and more consumers. Although the market is not warm, but the sales of mahogany furniture of many merchants has increased against the market. One of the big reasons is that the new national standard has been introduced to expand the status of access to mahogany. The price of newly-made mahogany furniture has become close to the people, and the consumption of mahogany Gradually become a popular trend. New national standard expands access status

In the new national standard "General Technical Conditions for Redwood Furniture" (hereinafter referred to as the new national standard for mahogany), more wood is introduced into the "redwood" identity range. Some people think that it may affect the price of precious wood and impact the overall decline in the price of mahogany furniture.

In fact, the price of mahogany furniture is related to the price of raw materials, production and production costs, market environment and other factors. The increase of redwood species does not directly affect the price of mahogany. However, mahogany furniture is not a specific species of furniture, but a general term for rare hardwood furniture since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The new national standard of mahogany has increased the variety of wood from 33 to hundreds, greatly expanding the range of mahogany wood.

It is worth mentioning that the expansion of its scope does not change the scarcity of some high-grade wood. For example, precious wood such as red sandalwood, huanghuali, and red rosewood, from the Ming Dynasty to the present, their value has gradually been recognized by the society, but their total amount is gradually scarce, so this kind of wood will only become more and more precious. Therefore, the increase in the number of redwood trees can make the raw materials for making mahogany furniture more abundant, and find more raw materials for more manufacturers. At the same time, the addition of new tree species will allow more people to enjoy mahogany furniture. New consumer prices are gradually becoming "close to the people"

Judging from the actual development of the market, the consumption index of mahogany furniture has been rising all the time, and its situation is very good. The consumption of mahogany furniture also showed a trend of youthfulness, and the consumer groups extended from “post-60s” to “post-80s”. The group that used to be able to buy mahogany furniture was the so-called “high-up” crowd, and with the boom in mahogany furniture, ordinary consumers began to enter the ranks of mahogany consumption. It can be seen that the consumption of mahogany furniture has already moved towards the civilian consumption route.

It is reported that consumers are more and more rational now, in addition to paying attention to the durability and cost performance of mahogany furniture, more attention is paid to the appreciation space and collection value of mahogany furniture. It costs tens of thousands of yuan to buy a set of general mahogany sofas for at least 50 years. This is unmatched by large leather sofas, panel furniture and European furniture. It is also a cost-effective, durable and graded product. Therefore, when the "values" of mahogany furniture have spread rapidly throughout the market, mass consumers are no longer strange to mahogany furniture, but as a mainstream trend, as a daily consumption of household goods. At the same time, in order to cater to the tastes of emerging consumer groups, mahogany furniture that has been used to the “luxury” route is also approaching “popularization”. Cost-effective product market is popular

Although the market of the mahogany market has risen and fallen in recent years, it is still very popular among consumers due to the scarcity and value of materials. It is reported that the price of mahogany furniture of different materials is hundreds of times different. The middle and low grade mahogany furniture is popular among consumers, while the high-grade mahogany furniture is loved by mahogany collectors.

It is understood that for mahogany furniture, low-end mahogany products below 50,000 yuan are most popular among consumers. Although some consumers know that redwood is expensive, the appreciation of redwood itself is not very high. Therefore, on the basis of authenticity, the price of mahogany furniture is the focus of their attention. Among the mahogany furniture of different materials, the hedgehog rosewood and chicken wing wood have a very high market share due to their high quality and low price. In addition, rosewood mahogany furniture is also very popular in the market, and there is also one of the three major tributes of the red rosewood (Sian rosewood), compared with Hainan huanghuali, lobular rosewood, the price is relatively moderate, the value-added space is large With the value of investment collection, it is very popular among collectors.

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