[Amazon] Garmin Vivofit Health Wristband ¥499

New low price, one-day special, no heart rate with version.

Garmin Vivofit sports watch manufacturer Gaoming's products, with curved display, rubber strap design (should not repeat the mistakes of Fitbit recall), with replaceable battery, it is reported that the battery life can reach one year, so Once you have one, you don't have to worry about the stuff in your hand.

In terms of ease of use, the Vivofit wristband has a water resistance depth of 50 meters, which can be adapted to almost all wearing conditions (Jawbone is pulled out and shot 100 times) and supports the heart rate belt (optional). Although GPS is not supported, this OLED screen always gives you data including steps, calories burned, travel distance and time. Amazon China is priced at 499 yuan today, down 30 yuan from a few days ago.

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Relative to the price of Tmall Jingdong 599, this discount is not very big, but it is also a new low price, and you may wish to consider starting.

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Buy Portal: http://B00JQ551F4?m=A1AJ19PSB66TGU&t=mgpyhxigua-23&tag=mgpyhxigua-23

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