Pumping ethanol/alcohol detector

TD1198-C2H5OH pumping ethanol detector features imported high-precision catalytic combustion principle sensor USB interface high-speed data transmission, downloadable print data LCD dot matrix display technology, can display gas type, gas unit, gas concentration value, measurement maximum , local time, ambient temperature and other support Chinese and English operation interface, switching simple and convenient built-in micro-sampling pump, pump suction size has ten gears adjustable explosion-proof certification, explosion-proof grade: ExiaIICT4

Delivery Table

KDC-Y series is suitable for gynecological diagnosis and examination,child-birth,caesarean operation and other gynecological surgical operations.Operating Table For Delivery.
Its height adjustment,back section adjustment are controlled by remote controller or pedal controller.The low voltage syatem ensures user's safety.Obstetric Delivery Table

The table has an aesthetically becautifu bodyline and the bed mattress is soft and made of leatheroid,which makes them easy to be taken off,cleaned and sterlized.Gynecology Delivery Table

Delivery Table

Gynaecology Delivery Table Factory

Delivery Table,Obstetric Delivery Table,Gynaecology Delivery Table,Delivery Examination Table

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