The Korean military looks at metal 3D printing to fully manufacture fighter parts.

In the past few years, the military sector in many countries has used metal 3D printing technology as a cost-effective solution to quickly manufacture a wide variety of parts. The US military even uses 3D printing technology to make missiles. Of course, the news we get may be only a small part, because no country will be happy to share the secrets of its equipment with the rest of the world. According to the latest news from the Associated Press, there are reports that have begun to surface, and the South Korean military is currently using metal 3D printing. The Ministry of Defense is using 3D printers to manufacture parts for the Air Force and the Army.

Innovative 3D printing technology will reduce dependence on foreign manufactured parts, and it is more dependent on political tensions. Some of the discontinued parts have also been hard to find. But 3D printing technology can be very easy to manufacture in some cases. At the same time, based on economic considerations, the use of 3D printing technology will greatly save money. European-made conveyor speaker cover, which is being imported, costs a lot of money, costs 700,000 won ($612), and takes seven months to manufacture, but these parts can now be made in Korea, and The time is only 4 to 5 hours, and the cost is as low as 40,000 won ($35).

Of course, there are still some parts that can't be manufactured using metal 3D printing technology, but the budget saving time is still on the agenda. According to media reports, the South Korean Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are already seeking to expand the scope of 3D printing options. Training aircraft parts have also been 3D printed, and other plans, such as helicopter parts, are also on the agenda. If you see in the near future if the Korean army is using 3D printing technology to manufacture parts such as rifles and tanks, please don't be surprised, 3D printing technology is a common technology in every country.

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