Does artificial marble have the harm of radiating inferior artificial marble

Artificial marble is generally said to be artificial granite in the industry, usually used to be called granite, and some are called quartz stone. To say that radiation agrees with the upstairs, it is mainly determined by the composition of the product, then the composition of the granite What is the composition? The process of granite is actually to use waste stone scrap after secondary processing and reuse and then re-integrate the form of city plates or block materials according to a certain formula. This is called resource utilization and is also called "turning waste into treasure." It is advocated, but the quality of the granite products is uneven, so it is necessary to identify the manufacturer and qualifications and test reports when buying. Does artificial marble have radiation ? Therefore, the following will introduce whether artificial marble is harmful to human body.

In addition to the high demand for the consolidation and environmental protection of the slabs, marble furniture also has serious control over the radioactivity of the stone. For a long time, people have mistakenly believed that marble furniture will have radiation, and it is inevitable that there will be some scruples when purchasing. In fact, natural marble has very low radioactivity and will not harm the human body at all, while those with high radioactivity are artificial marble furniture.

Good artificial stone is composed of about 36% -40% polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), 58% -62% alumina trihydrate (ATH), and 1.5% -3% masterbatch and stabilizer, Advanced technology, made of uniform texture, compact structure, no capillary pores, heat resistance, cold resistance, impact resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance.

True seamless stitching. Using the unique bonding and grinding technology, the artificial stone table can be seamlessly spliced, and there is no place for dirt and bacteria. Can be cut and heated to bend, shape a variety of different shapes, further enhancing the overall aesthetic content of the cabinet design and practical decorative

To understand whether artificial marble has radiation, we must first understand the difference between natural marble and artificial marble .

1. Natural marble

Advantages: natural pattern, good hand feel after polishing, strong hardness, much more wear-resistant than man-made, not afraid of coloring, with pores, will penetrate

Disadvantages: some have radiation, the natural marble is brittle, the flatness is poor, and the connection between the marble and the marble is very obvious. It can not be seamlessly spliced. It is easy to breed bacteria, the elasticity is insufficient, and it is difficult to repair. rupture.

2. Artificial marble

Advantages: no radiation, many colors, relatively natural flexibility, the connection between marble and marble is not obvious, and the overall feeling is strong!

Disadvantages: The part of the chemical synthetic substance is harmful to the human body, the hardness is small, and it is afraid of scratching, burning, and coloring.

3. Does natural marble have radiation?

Natural marble is rich in color, natural texture, but has crack defects, and is prone to cracking. Natural marble has various beautiful textures, but because the stone is a porous material structure, its natural micro cracks will crack after a long time of use. The crack is difficult to wipe. In daily cleaning, it is inevitable that some residues will be permanently filled into the cracks with the wipe of the rag, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Radiation that cannot be ignored. Natural stone in the long process of formation in nature, due to the presence of heavy metal substances will more or less have a certain degree of radiation, which may cause harm to human health. However, the emission of natural marble is extremely low.

In addition to the extremely high requirements for the rigidity and environmental protection of the marble furniture, marble furniture also has strict control over the radioactivity of the stone. For a long time, people have mistakenly thought that marble furniture will have radiation, and it is inevitable that there are some concerns when buying. In fact, natural marble has very low radioactivity and basically does not cause harm to human body.

4. The hazards of inferior artificial marble

At present in the market, there is a proportion of local artificial stone slabs containing excessive amounts of harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, lead, organic acids, etc.A common feature of this type of board is the pungent chemical odor (especially the odor is greater during processing ), The color is unnatural chemical color, this kind of inferior artificial stone plate containing formaldehyde and benzene will emit a pungent odor when cutting, after the plate is consumed and processed by the molding device, excess formaldehyde and benzene will remain: formaldehyde and Benzene will be continuously volatilized within 3-5 years. The volatilization of benzene and formaldehyde and exposure to heavy metals will directly pollute imported food. This harmful substance not only passes through the human respiratory system but also directly enters the digestive system. Toxic level And speed is more significant.

Therefore, it is particularly important to choose artificial stone with excellent quality. In winter, especially in the north, the air is not fluent when the home is turned off, and the indoor temperature is high. More severe!

Everyone introduces six methods of how to distinguish inferior artificial marble. I hope it will be useful to everyone. They are summarized as follows:

At a glance: the color of the sample is pure and not turbid, the appearance is not similar to the plastic texture, and there are no small pores on the back of the plate.

Second smell: No pungent chemical breath.

Three touches: touch the sample with silk, no astringency, no obvious unevenness.

Four strokes: scratch the surface of the plate with nails without obvious scratches.

Five touches: The same two samples are striking each other and are not easily broken.

Sixth inspection: check whether the product has ISO quality system certification, quality inspection report, production quality guarantee card and related anti-counterfeiting marks.

Editor's summary: Is there radiation on artificial marble? Relevant information on the hazards of inferior artificial marble is introduced here for everyone, I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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