How should soap be selected correctly?

Washing your hands is a matter of how many people do it every day. When washing your hands, soap or hand soap is used to remove bacteria from your hands. But there are so many kinds of soaps that people often don't know which one to choose when choosing soap.

Soap is usually divided into three types: hard soap, soft soap and fat soap. If you add certain drugs to the soap, it becomes a medicated soap, such as sulphur soap, sandalwood soap, etc.

The first is hard soap. Hard soap is what everyone usually calls "smelly soap". It has high alkali content, but it has strong degreasing ability and is also very irritating to human skin. When used repeatedly, the skin is very fast. Dry, rough, peeling occurs. Therefore, hard soap is generally only used to wash clothes, not to take a bath.

Followed by soft soap. Soft soap is the "scented soap" we usually use. It has a lower alkali content and is less irritating to the skin, so normal people can be used with people with psoriasis, and have a good effect of exfoliating.

Finally, it is a fat soap. It is also called a fat soap and does not contain alkali. Children's soaps fall into this category. Suitable for female patients. In fact, many girls pay attention to some additives when choosing soap, and some strange additives have become the main reason for their purchase of soap. But a good piece of soap, the oil of this soap, the effect of a piece of soap is based on the foundation of the oil.

In general, when you consider which type of soap you are considering, the more alkaline the soap, the better the cleaning effect, but it must be emphasized that the greater the possibility of skin irritation. The softer the soap, the worse the cleaning effect, but the skin irritation may be less, so your choice of soap will depend on your considerations and your skin type.

Respiratory System Model

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