How to prevent the baby from flipping out of the stroller

The activities of the upper and lower limbs of the 9-month-old children have been significantly enhanced. He will stand up and hold something to climb. Children have such abilities and all kinds of dangers follow.

We know that such a big child already has some weight. When they go out, adults often put their children in strollers to reduce their burden. When pushing away, the child generally adopts a sitting position; no matter whether he or she is facing forward or facing back, he is in the line of sight of his mother. The mother can find it in a timely manner if she is not happy with every move. Once at the destination, the child in the stroller will not be able to stay with him as long as he is awake, regardless of whether the mother had allowed him to sit or lay down.

Observe your child, generally the first action is to try to stand up; the second action is to pedal up and climb up on the seat; the third action is probably flipped out from the stroller like to plant the onion to flip out! It is often the case that adults with children come to chat and suddenly hear the cries of children and look back to see that the child is already out of the car. This process is described in detail to remind you not to put your child alone in a stroller!

In order to prevent such accidents from occurring, attention should be paid to:

(1) Choose a safety stroller. Baby carriages with low center of gravity, firmness, low chairs, high fences, and safety belts are the key points to pay attention to when purchasing.

(2) The most important thing for parents to follow the principle of safe use of strollers is that they should not let children leave your sight.

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