Precautions for use of a constant temperature oscillator (shaker)

Jiangsu Tongjun tells you the precautions for using the constant temperature oscillator (shaker):

1. The constant temperature shaker should be placed on a solid floor or table top to keep it level.

2. The whole machine is used to keep it level and no displacement. The back of the shaker should be more than 10CM away from the wall and kept ventilated.

3. The power socket provided by the user should have good grounding measures to prevent the casing from being inductive.

4. It is strictly forbidden to move the constant temperature oscillator during normal work.

5. Make sure the power is off before replacing the fuse.

6. Please clean the constant temperature shaker in time after use.

7. It is not allowed to use strong acid or alkali substances as experimental objects.

8, the instrument should be guarded by someone to prevent damage.

9. If the instrument does not need to be cut off for a long time, use a dust cover for protection.

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